Becoming a Full Wolf Moon

Picture a Wolf as you tune in to the energies of a Full Moon arriving on Saturday . . .

May we remember our mystical connections to the Moon –
Awakening perceptual hidden knowledge and wisdom

Beaming in the light of consciousness in our everyday realities . . .

Let Wolf invoke your own wise teacher within
to help you find your own path to follow

Wolf’s tracks reveal wise spiritual guidance counsel along the trails
Encouraging us to allow our diverse hearts to beat together in oneness

Bring back balance to our energetic pack connection to one another . . .
May we harmonize with our diversity in unity

Mercury in Retrograde spins yesteryear recordings of a time
when hungry wolf packs howled outside old tribal villages

How do your past experiences play out in your present reality?
What do you have to learn about yourself from past relationships and experiences?

Sometimes we are revisited by meaningful connections in our consciousness
through dreams, visions or even physical contact

Winter is a natural time of year to open-up our hearts to feel sadness
It is healthy for us to grieve the passing
of our loved ones who are no longer physically with us in our lives

Perhaps a past relationship or a change in your identity has resurfaced for you

It is good to process these feelings about past relationships
that have faded away in time and space

May we resurrect their imprint that lives on inside our souls . . .

Training ourselves to let go of our fear of loss and shed old scar tissue
Reveals the depth and power of love

As humans, we will always have attachments
Because we are entangled with form

But as spiritual beings having human experiences
We can soften our attachments by relaxing the ties that bind

Call on your guides, like Archangel Michael to help you with this process
Or get some good therapy to help you along

Gone are the days of being a lone wolf

Contemplate your politics of anger for a moment . . .

Donald Trump personifies hiding behind the surface of this primal emotion
Just observe how he feels justified in building a Berlin Wall around his heart
and greedily buys into a segregationist us and them mentality –
Capturing those sentiments shared by the Fear Factor in others

But Bernie Sanders strikes a chord of an Aquarian we consciousness that resonates
with the collective will of the people in much the same way
as Civil Rights activists transformed their anger into positive and constructive action
Like him, many of us understands that we are all in this together

A more fair and just society belongs to all of us . . .
Equality means that the voices of black folks, GLBTQ people
and others that are marginalized
are just as important for us to hear as humans that sit in privilege

Economic strangulation suffocates all of us, whether realized or not

Are you feeding your inner wise wolf or the angry wolf?

Hope to see you onward up the trails,


New Year Pathways with Wolf

Wolves and humans share strong individualistic urges
Coupled with a strong kinship with pack family

Our legendary relationship with wolves
evolves from a shared distant constellation connection
Far out as Dog Star Sirius sounds
We all have star-dust encoded in our DNA

A passing Winter Solstice
Leaves behind many souls exiting Earth at this junction
But their imprint lives on

Honoring our ancestors helps guide us into new pathways of being together
In darkness and light we learn from our tribe

Wolf government balances pecking order
with democratic principles

What kind of new trails will we blaze into the year ahead?

We don’t always agree with one another
But may we resolve our difference in harmony

Energy is as energy does
Might as well relax into letting go of trying to control its flow

When feeling moved by annoying family members
Part of meditative path is adjusting ourselves on the inside
so that we are calm during the weather underground of another

Connections with moon
Unlocks knowledge and wisdom

What is lurking beneath your conscious experience with reality?

Wolf awakens a wise teacher within
Sitting with the unfolding mystery

Meditate on your experiences with anger for a moment . . .
Are you finding positive and constructive ways to channel your anger?

See you further on up trails,


Hungry Like the Wolf

I remember when I was “24 and there’s so much more”, while visiting my uncle and family out in San Francisco, being really into Beat poetry at the time and contemplating moving out to the Bay Area.  One evening, we ventured out to North Beach, ate at a place where Francis Ford Coppola reportedly liked to eat that featured a garlic & basil pizza to die for, then went across the street for a brew at Vesuvius, followed by getting lost for a while in City Lights, the worlds largest independent bookstore.  While On The Road, I felt the spirits of Jack Kerouac, Neale Cassidy and Allen Ginsberg with me howling at night, feeling like one of the ’10, 000 Maniacs’ in this “world of 10, 000 things.”

“Wolf . . . teacher, pathfinder, moon-dog of my Soul.  Howling, singing teaching how to know new ideas who returns to the clan to teach and share medicine.”  I can relate to the Wolf in me as I venture out into the woods, away from the pack and my den to commune with Nature and be with my solitude.  Although I am loyal like a dog and a faithful family guy, I really need to just be with myself sometimes (don’t we all?).  As such, I set the intention and choose to follow through with creating that space for myself down wit my Nervous Woodland Creature (NWC) peeps, Straight Outta Woodland, Ma Chucka.  Moreover, the cumulative effect of staying in alignment with this energetic action plan, is that I am noticing that I am becoming the change I want to see in the world.  And though I firmly Bee Leave in the ancient wisdom that asserts, ‘heal Thyself’, I also understand the awareness that there is no substitute for good therapy.  In the spirit of healing Our Selves, sometimes it takes letting go and trusting a gifted professional to allow Our Selves to tap into Our power in a way that has been cloaked in the Darkness of the subconscious Underground, due to Unseen fears within the individual and Collective Consciousness.  Although this is important for all of Us, it is especially paramount for those of Us that are healers and helpers, as We have a responsibility to elevate Our vibrations to Our Higher Selves.  I strongly encourage all of You to spend some time alone out in Nature and/or a quiet Sacred Space that allows the teacher in You to come about.  In doing so, You will evoke and share great truths that will help lead Us to a perceptual shift in the consciousness of Humankind and beyond.  “Mister I ain’t no boy, no I’m a man and I believe in the Promised Land!”

In conclusion, I remember hearing an old Native American story of Grandfather that is teaching his grandson about controlling his emotions and keeping his power without auctioning it off by reacting without reserve.  Grandfather relates to his grandson that there are two Wolves always fighting with each other inside his head.  One wolf is quick to anger and will rage in its desire to tear everything he sees into tiny little pieces.  The other Wolf understands Temperance and is very wise, stays in control of himself, knows when to assert his power and when to yield.  After hearing Grandfather tell this story, grandson asks, “which one wins?”  Grandfather responds, “whichever one I feed.”  Remember balance between authentic Self and respectful family/community is key.  Please enjoy becoming the Full Moon during the wee hours of January 9th, shapeshifting into its energies and the hearty digestion process thereafter–as We breathe fire into the Chinese Year of the Dragon on January 23, 2012. 

I Hopi You are Well,