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Whale brings good tidings that we have come
to this planet to fulfill our soul’s purpose

People who are mathematically attentive
celebrate “pie day” on March 14th

I see this math symbol as a sign of infinity
and a spiritual birthday gift that keeps on giving

With a new moon coming, and a New Age on its way
we are in the letting go process of an old mechanistic world order

It’s hard not to get seduced into “turning the blinders on” from your
deeper and higher values . . .

But with daylight savings time, the light is rising
while darkness is waning

And then somewhere during that process, you might find yourself
becoming a robot, hitting the mute button,
and parroting a “business as usual” price tag of selling your soul

But the time is now to “get up, stand up”
speak your truth, and “fight for your right.”

Time to man up, dawg!

But with Whale as your spirit guide, you can always come back
to empathy, and swim in the wake of a new sea of consciousness
to the heartbeat of universal energetic equality

Spring Equinox is a good natural reminder of that
A time when masculine and feminine energies will be in equal alignment again

And from that point, the light will be rising till it peaks
on the Summer Solstice in June

Moving into the New Aquarian Age waters means that we should
focus on swimming in pods of like-minded coming attractions

Focusing on those that hide in the dark of an old dog eat dog
herd mentality are not worth you giving your power away to

Those attached to ways of the hellish nightmare
are just going to pull you down, rather than look for a leg up

Your primary focus and responsibility is to take charge of your own
spiritual development as an expanding soul having a human experience

Like the transition between Winter to Spring,
we are in transitional tides that are ebbing and flowing
between ages, and the sands of time

May we swim in these changing tides together
into the new seas of this school called Earth

Till we meet again up the trail,


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Whale guides us into deeper seas of our shared collective consciousness
May we be hip to the presence of the multidimensional wavelengths of Mother Earth

Their sonar is an empathic connection to Her planetary heartbeat

Exhale dead air and breathe in a sailor’s delight

Whales give good pod casts on healthy family matters
We are redefining family and learning to pool our resources together . . .

Through Whale medicine, we hear inside ourselves with deeper insights
Our sensitivities are powering up in the Tao of now

Spring astrological Eclipse storms are brewing
the winds of change are blowing in the air

The jet streams of nouveaux energies
want to light the torches of chi that surrounds and binds us

As luminous beings, may we awaken our “liminal” experiences
that were perhaps previously submerged underwater

A Full Snow Moon appears in the skies
As Nature’s sunlight is rising

Do you feel the underground weather heating up?

On Spring Equinox . . .
Light and dark forces will be in transient balance

Picture Whale cresting near a shoreline
beneath the bounty of a mountain range

Take in this Divine Love into your hearts

Whale blows steam into the waters of an egalitarian New Earth
May our medicine shields release and let-go of
dualities and relax tendencies to demonize ill-perceived enemies

Imagine floating cities flowing with free and clean energy
with equal access to resources . . .

See these possibilities crest on our horizon –
Revealing a New World of healthy Galactic interdependence

We are polarized right now on Planet Earth
The American political stage is no exception . . .

Art imitates reality with Trump and Sanders playing on opposite sides of the
political football field, while the other players cluster somewhere in the middle

One wants to rigidly build more divisive boarders and the other wants to facilitate
safe passage and increased traffic flow through egalitarian causeways

The Military-Industrial Complex and its group psychology of mass manipulation
Takes an authentic look at itself and realizes

Now is the time to relax the rigid and
compartmentalized grip on the public mind

Do you have the faith to allow the universal pillars of Love and Truth set you free?

Nurturing program development of a spiritually reflective lens of Self
Facilitates movement into the creative waters of an actualized soul potential

See that our suffering is largely a product of “the ghettos of the mind”

Till we meet again at the trail head,


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Whale plunges us deeper into the collective seas of planetary consciousness
Fine tuning our eardrums into the life-beat of Mother Earth

Their sonar links us in to Her planetary heartbeat
Good medicine to meditate on our breathing patterns
Especially when feeling stressed about the weather

Whales are dedicated to their family
Their sonar is akin to an acute form of empathy

In the sense that we can learn to listen in
and hear subtle stirrings inside with relationship to self and others

This process increases our sensitivity

Drinking in deep, relaxed belly breathing
Is what’s on tap for a clear walking meditation

Leaving behind a clean wake for others to follow in

What a long Winter season it has been for many folks blanketed by snow
Cold as it is now, a powerful Spring Eclipse season lies on the horizon

Yang energetic intensities are rising
Light and dark forces are moving toward equal dance steps together again

Masculine and Feminine energies will be in equal alignment with one another
Come Spring Equinox in later March

While trekking the great outdoors,
Mother Nature reveals Her feminine power

My oh my, can’t She be unpredictable?
When riding out these changing tides,
It is helpful to tune into the echo chiming in to go with the flow

Picture Whale cresting near a shoreline
beneath the bounty of a mountain range

Can you hear a natural conversational exchange . . .
“Some people can hear themselves think amidst the din of everyday life.
I however need the mountains.”

Love is the answer

Whale blows steam into the waters of an egalitarian New Earth
May our medicine shields release and let-go of
dualities and demonizing perceived enemies

Picture holistic co-creative communities
Clean energy, drinking water, elections
and access to quality health care

The Empire relaxes its militaristic grip
On our Global Village

Good-bye Captain Americas
A Super Power fades away
Peace out to identifications with war-like ideology

Freedom is as freedom does

Are you ready to let go of self-crucifixion?
Might as well come up for air
Instead of drowning in repetitive mental tapes by the voice in the head

The time is now to listen to our “better angels”
So that we tap into our soul potential

See you further on up the trails,


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Remembering when to connect with the energy of Whales helps up tap into our soul’s purpose during our venture here.  But even within our day-to-day routine, we can know an awakened doing, where we let our soulful presence shine onto the world around us when we are going about our doings.  In our Being, paying attention to our breathing patterns during our walking meditation is a key ingredient to a sustainable healthy Life diet.  Of course, drinking plenty of water doesn’t hurt and we all benefit from equal access to clean drinking water and water to play in.  Legend tells us that Whale carries the consciousness of our Planet’s history.  I even heard somewhere that a long, long time ago whales flew in the air.  Right now, ingesting their medicine aids us in understanding sound and frequency and learning how to connect to the Universal heartbeat of Love and Truth to light our way and stay afloat.  As such, we loosen up and dismantle our rigid boundaries so that our energy flows more freely like water in our relationships with one another.  We still respect one another’s personal space, but in a way that allows for soulful exchanges and heartfelt connections in an authentic and respectful fashion.

When remembering to take an honest, gentle gaze on our Planet today, it is like reading a parody of a fairy tale that we ought to be embarrassed to read to our grandchildren when it comes to our current relationships with one another.  Whether subtle or provocative, what is it about violence that is so engrained into our human family system as a preferred way of life?  What is it about fear that is so dominant in our psyches?  What is the Navy so afraid of in that they continue using sonar weaponry that is decimating our whales, dolphins and other cetaceans?  What else is going on in our ocean’s depths they aren’t telling us about?  Yet, our friends in Congress continue pounding their war chests by pouring more money into dirty energy, a bloated military, weapons of mass destruction and the commercialization of assault weapons, crime rhymes, violent movies and video games readily available on the shelves.   Does our experience with Climate Change have to be so traumatic?  No.  We have the capacity to facilitate this process, move with the shifting tides by radically accepting every moment exactly as it is and even finding the courage to embrace the living moment, rather than resist it with a fight.  Pacifism is not about being passive and condoning the sickness in our world.  It is about radical self-control, effective self-government and making a conscious choice to say peace out to violence directed at the self or toward another.  When we make friends with that, we will know peace on Earth.  Remembering to be gentle on ourselves and creating space to get to know our souls on a deeper level is part of Whale’s teachings.  If only our World leaders would move beyond short-term tunnel vision and see the forest for the trees as well.

As we loosen up our rigid thought patterns and boundaries, we open up to the flow of Love to pour into our souls.  Meditation on Whale and the water element in particular is good medicine for that.  When we allow our relationships with ourselves and one another to flow like water, we become more equipped in staying buoyant with our tension and relaxing into the living moment, regardless of how heated it gets.

See you further on down the trails,


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Here is a meditation I did recently out in a boarder-edge area in the backyard.
  • Light candle/incense of choice.
  • Visualize a Turkey Vulture effortlessly riding the thermals, while gleaming the skies.
  • Hold snow (or ice-cube) in fist while breathing in and focusing on fiery dark emotions while gazing onto flame of candle, picturing a rainbow and waterfall.  Reiki folks can picture symbols too.
  • Exhale the darkness within to release as compost.  If you have a beverage, take a sip and spray out like a whale/dolphin.

When I finished this meditation, I noticed the snow ball melted quite fast.  In fact, I felt like I thawed out too and noticed a lift after the experience.  Turkey Vulture helps us see the colorful energy fields in Life.  Isn’t that the kind of energy we want to bring into our World?  As above, so below.  So within, as without.  I would welcome your experiences with this meditation or other meditations like it.

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I remember when I moved from somewhere in Middle America to New England, shortly thereafter, our sixth-grade class ventured out to Plymouth Plantation, then onward for a whale watching voyage to Cape Cod.  Today, pushing 40 years young, I can still sea the Humpback whales clearly docking in to say hello, adjacent to the gas guzzling ferry-boat.  Given Whale’s capacity to hold their breath, I am inspired by Its medicine to pay more attention to my breathing patterns by integrating conscious breathing into my daily walk.  In fact, the Whale energy in me seas that by simply taking the plunge into three conscious breaths, noticing my Life Force within my inner ocean, and then spraying out my Nervous Woodland Creature energy (or anxiety)–literally calms my Chi. “Whale . . . Of mighty Oceans, You have seen it all. Secrets of the ages are heard within your call. Teach me how to hear your words, and how to understand, the very roots of history, of when Our world began.”

Given that Whale medicine’s power cycles all year-long, You are afforded a tab-free opportunity to tap into its free-flowing spigot anytime. If I am allowed permission to invoke the Art of Persuasion, perhaps You will find a sea saltwater/epsom salt bath an indulging conduit to access the Whale rider in You (and/or maybe shapeshift into a Whale while swimming in a pool). Do You remember Our connection to Our primordial past? Myths and legends assert stories that Whale carries the Consciousness of Our planet’s history and origins of humanity. Moreover, as We transition into a New Age and Paradigm, I find that it behooves Us to be mindful of Whale’s lessons on integrating Oneness and Unity Consciousness as We build a New Earth together. Further, We are encouraged through Whale energy to respect and honor Our differences to stay afloat and anchor Our survival here on Mothership Earth, as She hoists Her sails to the Promised Land. I wonder if the Boss was reading Moby Dick when he once carried that novel tune in his back pocket? Well, I don’t know about that, though in finding my own voice, I wanted to share some lyrics that arrived from the depths of my soul that reverberate in the surround sound of my presence to Our Collective Soul: From the Harmonic Convergence, to the Ninth Cosmic Wave . . . To transcending the Karmic Groundhog days, the story’s no longer the same . . . Crystalline Grids are rising in dying Pisces centuries, as We birth into a New World of Aquarian Unity . . . In Yourtown, in Yourtown . . . My Sweet Eartha I’m sinking down, here Buddha in Yourtown. 

Beyond the robotic doings of Life and while exploring the hidden aspects of the Self, as living authentically does– Whale energy connects Us to sound and frequency. One effective strategy to dive into this process is through drumming and/or Shamanic journeying.  In a relaxed sacred space, simply ask Whale what It has to teach You, while keeping a consistent rhythmic drum beat, allow whatever messages to Spring forth in Your consciousness and then let go and let God. Whatever you receive in the 10-15 minutes, give or take, please thank Your Whale spirit helper and remember a callback. A callback is a beat, mantra and/or word that brings You back to the material realm. For example, I like to hit the drum 8 times for three sets, then seven times for three sets, then three times for three sets. But you can invent your own callback. The idea is to explore and retrieve information from the alternate realm of the Dreamtime, as the Aboriginal Australians spoke of, or the Spirit realm if You Will. But for God’s sake, don’t get stuck on trying to figure it all out with Your intellect, as it will drive You nuts!  Whale reminds Us, through drumming perhaps, to connect with the heartbeat of the Universe and allows Us to accept heartfelt connections with One another–without drowning out Our own boundaries, personal authority and/or integrity.

I Hopi You are well,


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