Taking Flight and Movin’ On Up with Turkey Vulture

In this Moon’s darkness
The light of a New one awaits on the horizon

May we be guided by Turkey Vulture through longer nights
with a bright purifying rebirth on the way . . .

The return of the Winter Solstice is coming soon again
After that, we start coaxing back the light

Something to look forward to . . .

Come down into your souls and levitate above the old
dying emotions that have sucked life out of your energy field

Release those stuck energies and renew your power
Let them go so they can return to a black hole where they can rest in peace

Instead of hating the real perceived targets we call enemies
We shall make friends with a new world where we respect our diversity

It can feel gut wrenching to watch predator and prey do their thing
But take a closer look and examine why this moment presented itself to you
And see if the message becomes clear to you upon that self-reflection

The egoic voice in the head that judges some of us as better than others
Parrots that some of us are more worthy of being saved or damned to be cursed
Like for example the recent segregationist thinking that
says we should demonize the Islamic State

If it’s not one picture of an enemy, it’s another
as processed, sold and bought on the corporate media

There are vultures and fire everywhere
Don’t get sucked into the seductive dramas of apocalyptic doom and gloom

Change the channel and tune in to your feelings and dreams
Give back the remote control to yourself, rather than outsourcing
your inner kingdom to the outer world’s dysfunction

That old world reptilian brain wants to keep you in a fearful place
Time to release those old mental scripts that are scared of their own shadow

When the old self dies, a new identity is reborn
It takes time before the dust settles
Rome wasn’t built, nor destroyed in a day

In the burning fields, new organic pastures are growing
Might as well mulch the reality of inner peace
and transform it into a more realistic possibility

On the inside, we are discovering the freedom to take the fight out of
releasing old mountains that must now move out-of-the-way
So that we can look upon our souls from a cleaner perch

Humankind can embody its name
In the death of our divisive ways, may we embrace our colorful diversity
And use it to our advantage by sharing our resources in harmonic reciprocity

See you onward up the trails,


Turkey Vulture

We were especially excited to see a family of Turkey Vultures flock to our yard this past week. Although we have enjoyed our feathered friends circling our ‘hood plenty of times, this week was our first time welcoming our Turkey Vulture friends as new neighbors.  Given the time of year, I don’t think it’s any coincidence our new neighbors symbolize purification, death-rebirth, new vision and connections to the mythical Griffin, which symbolizes Heaven and Earth, spirit and matter, good and evil, guardian and avenger, particularly of nature spirits. 

Admittedly, I get a rise out of watching Turkey Vultures riding the thermals with minimal effort.  In fact, seeing these graceful creatures soaring through the heavens adds color to Our world by increasing Auric vision. If you don’t bee leave me, just ask my Earthy wife, whom has been seeing auras for some time now and has strong intuitive gifts that can even be gut wrenching at times. What’s that about a woman’s intuition? Although it might be tempting to view Turkey Vultures as homely and their act of scavenging disgusting, how about gazing on them as natural environmentalists by maintaining Life’s balance by preventing the spread of diseases and redefining dead weight? If only Big Government, Big Business and the Healthcare industry would align with Turkey Vulture medicine. Just imagine the organic possibilities and capacity to levitate above paralyzing red tape! In this process, perhaps We might release and defy the laws of the material realm, as We leave a dying old world behind and transition into a New Age and paradigm. Given that Turkey Vultures are survivors and have thrived longer that We humans, doesn’t it behoove us to regulate Our arrogance and learn from their free and spirited teachings? If you would like to enhance your own Auric perception, please see the rainbow meditation on blog date 7.8.2011 in the archives.

Finally, in staying True to the Self, please consider using Turkey Vulture’s plumage to feather your ripple after walking into another person’s energy field to stay grounded, dissolve any negative energies and connect with ancestors whom have passed on.  I am reminded of old Native American stories that venture in the direction of, “one foot in spirit, one foot in ground” and Buddhist wisdom that speaks of living life on the “razors edge”, without getting too swayed in any direction. Go ahead and enjoy that black cup of coffee, just don’t get too attached to it as part of your identity! Easier said than done.

I Hopi You are well,