Snaking Along the Trails

Snakes are slithering around in shady areas beneath the sunlight these days . . .

As such, their poisonous venom can strengthen spiritual growth

Like the energy of Snake, bullying is a strong term,
and carries a scorching bite in today’s headlines . . .

But it certainly isn’t a new phenomenon

If you get real about it, most humans have been on both
the giving and receiving end of the bullying coin . . .

As unfair and one-sided as bullying is, bystander power is an opportunity
to become an ally, and make a conscious decision
to take a stance to promote equanimity

In these days of fake news, and con artist running the show,
it can feel overwhelming to stick to the facts,
and be impeccable with your word

To wit: “the corporate media are only as liberal
as the conservative businesses that own it”

So “don’t hate the media, become the media.”

Be true to yourself, and practice speaking your truth from
a place of inner peace when standing in your own personal authority!

Just look at the opportunities for growth
in the new skins of a dimensional paradigm shift

The energy of Snake embodies transformation . . .

What old part of yourself wants to die, shed its old skin,
and awaken a new unmasking of yourself . . .

“Anger is the bodyguard of fear”

Chew on that for a moment . . .

Is your chattering monkey mind,
and subsequent emotional reactions disguised manifestations
of headaches that stem from unexpressed anger?

If you slither down the snake holes, what fears do you unearth?

Here’s to discovering inner peace along the trails of your walking meditation!


A Unified Field of Dreams with Snake

A Full Buck Moon entered into our skies earlier today . . .

Snake slithers out of its dark hole in a spirited way,
coming out of the closet into the light of day . . .

Like primal emotions that get triggered right about now

What feelings are simmering beneath the surface of your defense mechanisms –
waiting to jump out of the deeper waters of your soul?

Metaphorically, our old world is shedding old skins of toxicity . . .

Each and every one of us must release scar tissue that no longer
serves nor protects our sleepwalker ability
to pass through life in a hypnotic trance

Simultaneously, we are awakening to the healing tonic of the snake bite

What layers are we ready to let go of during the intense storms of a
forthcoming August astrological eclipse season?

Do we need more economic strangulation, military might
and escalating violence to wake us up?

How will your relationships with self and others transform and
realign their maps during these blowing winds of change?

In the Northern Hemisphere, summertime is in the air
Social activity and community connections are alive and free-spirited

Summer Solstice’s summit is fading into the backdrop . . .

Believe it or not, we are slowly making our way down the mountain
toward balanced light and dark forces again on Autumn Equinox in late September

Then after that, the dark night of feminine yin energies
will rise until Winter Solstice in December . . .

In truth, know that we are all diverse expressions of Oneness –
We belong to an interconnection that binds us in the
open arms of a loving Cosmic Consciousness

See you up the trails,


Snake, Rattle and Slither

Stoking the fire burning within
A passing Summer Solstice
Gently nudges us closer to feminine yin

A Full Buck Moon arrives on a Thunderous July 1st –
Revealing new antlers pushing out of male deer’s foreheads

A poisonous snake-bite releases toxicities into our systems
What past firecrackers do you need to process and let go of

If it feels like you are headed for an urn
Try to tune into a healing tonic working underneath the burn

Meditation on Snake awakens medicinal transformation

The time is now for heartfelt connections
But don’t forget to mind your head

Venomous toxicity is released from a snake bite
Might as well breathe in Divine air in the form of crystalline love-light

Disasters leave a crematorium of ashes
So that a new Tree of Life will grow

Pain and suffering are hellish tragedies of Life
Sometimes it’s hard not to refrain from tracking
Downbound trains of unwanted emotions

Are you ready to surrender to inner state strife?

Sacred marriage between energetic masculine and feminine kin
Awakens magical rebirths by shedding dead skin

See you further on up the trails,


Union of the Snake

Stoking the fire burning within . . .

Sacred marriage of internal masculine and feminine kin –
Transmutation of death-rebirth by shedding old skin.

Is your chattering mind merely a reflection of corporate propagated spin?
Fair and balanced news comes from a unified mind-body-spirit din.
Prepackaged commercials should be tossed in the bin.

Standing with energetic footprints growing strong roots –
Allows for a grounded Being anchored in Mother Earth’s soot.

A poisonous snake-bite might appear like an Indian burn . . .
But there is healing tonic entwined within the urn.
Toxic venom is released from a snake bite.
Ingesting a Divine cleansing with abundant watery crystalline love-light.

Are you awakening into New Aquarian Age Unity?
Or are you stuck in old world Groundhog Day repetitive re-run insanity?

The choice is ours to make . . .

Like a vampire bite, the Empire’s cannibalistic toxicity carries venom.
But in our awakening, we are blazing new trails through healing and transformation.

Pain and suffering abound.
Terribly tragic it is.

Nature cries a dirge of acid rain.
Within the ashes, a new Tree of Life is born.

May our souls lighten up and deliver us into our “better angels”.

Meditation on Snake is good medicine for transmutation.

See you further on down the trails,


Union of the Snake

I remember puttering around the garage recently, stepping into the backyard for a spell and sharing an unexpected intimate moment with a snake gazing my way from his vantage point in the grass.  Given that I was about to embark on an adventure to my 20 year High School reunion, I took my encounter with snake as an omen to shed our old skin, while allowing for a smooth transmutation process into becoming something new.  Given the changing tides, this summer is an especially hot time for reunions and gatherings.  When we face the music and participate in the theater of life, it is not always an easy buffet of feelings to consume and digest.  We are all mirrors for one another, albeit diverse expressions of Great Spirit (God, Universe, etc.).  As mirrors, we do not always like seeing the snakes reflected back our way.  However, when we tap into the fire of snake medicine, it invokes within us the process of alchemy that facilitates healing.  By embracing our own power, we wake up to our authentic selves.  In releasing our own suffering, we open up to compassion and love.  Remember that the Buddha arrived at this Earth plane to show us compassion, while the Christ arrived to show us Love.  When we heed their wisdom and walk in this Light, we facilitate the healing of ourselves, the planet and Universal Consciousness throughout by co-creating Heaven on Earth one moment, one slither and one breath at a time.

Has anyone else out there had a tendency to play with fire and get burned in the process?  In the theater of life, facing the music and taking it to the edge sometimes is an experiential learning opportunity for growth, here in Classroom Mothership Earth.  Sometimes, ingesting the poison of the bite stokes the inner flame of alchemy to wake up to our own immortality.  Perhaps our dying selves and dying world will be the death of us, but with every funeral comes a new birth.  Regardless of one’s belief systems, those of us that know the power of prayer and meditation know a direct experience with Divine Energies that are available as powerful resources to us, if only we ask.  At this junction of Nature’s cycle, it was so nice to celebrate good times with old friends and breathe in new life, while exhaling dead air.  While many folks avoided directly participating in our celebratory ritual, I know the good vibrations will be felt by even those that did not show up.  When we effectively integrate our masculine and feminine energy and heal polarity in our consciousness, we light the torch of fire medicine.  In the spirit of that, we create passion, desire, procreation and physical vitality on the material plane; ambition, creation, resolution and dreams on the emotional plane; intellect, power, charisma and leadership on the mental plane; and wisdom, understanding, wholeness and connection to Great Spirit on the spiritual plane.  Does anyone remember the scene from The Matrix when Neo visits the Oracle and the little boy in the waiting room says to him something like, try not to bend the spoon . . . that’s impossible . . . instead, imagine that the spoon isn’t there.  Readers, do you see that magic is no more than a perceptual shift in consciousness?

Snake’s energy has potential to awaken our Divine Life Force within (Chi).  If you would like to tap into this power, please consider keeping yourself energetically clean by psychically bathing yourself in white light and flushing whatever toxic debris remains down your spine, through the soles of your feet and into Mother Earth for her to receive and compost.  By embracing our power with respect to our relationships, we wake up authentically to our True Selves.  Shamans of the Americas have shared stories of a dying, snake-like god named Quetzalcoatl that would someday return.  In this Light, we will explore fantastic mythical stories like this in future blog conversations.  If anyone out there has a poignant story to share, I would excitedly welcome that.

Stay True,