Union of the Snake

I remember puttering around the garage recently, stepping into the backyard for a spell and sharing an unexpected intimate moment with a snake gazing my way from his vantage point in the grass.  Given that I was about to embark on an adventure to my 20 year High School reunion, I took my encounter with snake as an omen to shed our old skin, while allowing for a smooth transmutation process into becoming something new.  Given the changing tides, this summer is an especially hot time for reunions and gatherings.  When we face the music and participate in the theater of life, it is not always an easy buffet of feelings to consume and digest.  We are all mirrors for one another, albeit diverse expressions of Great Spirit (God, Universe, etc.).  As mirrors, we do not always like seeing the snakes reflected back our way.  However, when we tap into the fire of snake medicine, it invokes within us the process of alchemy that facilitates healing.  By embracing our own power, we wake up to our authentic selves.  In releasing our own suffering, we open up to compassion and love.  Remember that the Buddha arrived at this Earth plane to show us compassion, while the Christ arrived to show us Love.  When we heed their wisdom and walk in this Light, we facilitate the healing of ourselves, the planet and Universal Consciousness throughout by co-creating Heaven on Earth one moment, one slither and one breath at a time.

Has anyone else out there had a tendency to play with fire and get burned in the process?  In the theater of life, facing the music and taking it to the edge sometimes is an experiential learning opportunity for growth, here in Classroom Mothership Earth.  Sometimes, ingesting the poison of the bite stokes the inner flame of alchemy to wake up to our own immortality.  Perhaps our dying selves and dying world will be the death of us, but with every funeral comes a new birth.  Regardless of one’s belief systems, those of us that know the power of prayer and meditation know a direct experience with Divine Energies that are available as powerful resources to us, if only we ask.  At this junction of Nature’s cycle, it was so nice to celebrate good times with old friends and breathe in new life, while exhaling dead air.  While many folks avoided directly participating in our celebratory ritual, I know the good vibrations will be felt by even those that did not show up.  When we effectively integrate our masculine and feminine energy and heal polarity in our consciousness, we light the torch of fire medicine.  In the spirit of that, we create passion, desire, procreation and physical vitality on the material plane; ambition, creation, resolution and dreams on the emotional plane; intellect, power, charisma and leadership on the mental plane; and wisdom, understanding, wholeness and connection to Great Spirit on the spiritual plane.  Does anyone remember the scene from The Matrix when Neo visits the Oracle and the little boy in the waiting room says to him something like, try not to bend the spoon . . . that’s impossible . . . instead, imagine that the spoon isn’t there.  Readers, do you see that magic is no more than a perceptual shift in consciousness?

Snake’s energy has potential to awaken our Divine Life Force within (Chi).  If you would like to tap into this power, please consider keeping yourself energetically clean by psychically bathing yourself in white light and flushing whatever toxic debris remains down your spine, through the soles of your feet and into Mother Earth for her to receive and compost.  By embracing our power with respect to our relationships, we wake up authentically to our True Selves.  Shamans of the Americas have shared stories of a dying, snake-like god named Quetzalcoatl that would someday return.  In this Light, we will explore fantastic mythical stories like this in future blog conversations.  If anyone out there has a poignant story to share, I would excitedly welcome that.

Stay True,


2012: Birthing into a New Age and Paradigm

I remember when Our ancient ancestral wisdom spoke of 2012, give or take–albeit in the grand Cosmic scheme of things in this “world of 10, 000 things” right Tao is but a speck and yet paradoxically eternal.  However, here on Mothership Earth, We are in an exciting time of transition in Our classroom.  Yes, We are coming out of the birth canal and experiencing the labor pains that accompany this transition.  I’ve heard it said that a mass exodus of souls and energies are flooding our planet right now to facilitate and co-create Our transition into a New Age and Paradigm.  We are leaving behind an era of gurus and Messiah’s and moving into a time of individual authenticity and global community, a la Unity within diversity.  We are saying, “peace out” to our addiction to raping Our Mother, fundamentalist allegiance to the Almighty Dollar and totalitarian control by the ‘minority of the opulent’, or the powers that were.  My spirited Uncle Tom dance and plea to the top dawg 1% is quite lightheartedly detached and simple.  In much the same ways as a Chinese doctor friend sometimes angrily asserts, “in West answer is always to kill . . . don’t always have to kill everything.”  We are not your enemies and We welcome you to join Us too.  Moreover, the Rabbit in me is on the hop in saying, “lettuce all take the quantum leap in consciousness and share the carrot of an Aquarian Age together as We swim away from a Pisces Age.”

Additionally, they built wireless technologies in sweatshop on other shores and they built the satellites that helped the empire win the wars . . . Here in Yourtown, here in Yourtown . . . My sweet Eartha I’m sinkin’ down, here Buddha in Yourtown.  In the spirit of that, technology is not the Messiah that it has been propagated to be, nor is rampant consumerism and gluttonous consumption of Our Mother’s natural resources that She has so liberally and freely given Us.  May You imagine with me technologies that work in harmony with the human factor and all other creatures that live on earth and the greater Universe?  I like what Noam Chomsky has to say about “the same systems that oppress can liberate” and it can change on a dime, in much the same way as Barry Sanders used to cut back to open space on the playing field.  Couldn’t Wal-Mart have greenhouses atop its structures that produce clean energy open to the community, pay their employees a livable wage and take care of their healthcare needs?  I might actually start shopping there if they were to do something like that.  Instead of a sweeping Big Governmental 6 hundred billion and change spent on a War pre-emptively determined to lose, We ask that you shift Your mind-set to more equitably redistributing that toward free healthcare, education, childcare and eco-friendly, true free-market business policies that are equitable and sustainable for all of Us whom inhabit Our planet.  You can still be on top of the pyramid, but the triangle will simply look like an equilateral triangle that floats more buoyantly than the sinking Titanic We are on right now.

In conclusion, there is an old story regarding how the Dragon lost its power of the art of magic by getting caught in its own master of illusion.  However, Dragon lore speaks of a time when Dragon was full of wisdom via bringing light with its fiery breath, while soaring like an Eagle in flight during the darkness of night.  In the Chinese-Lunar calendar, it is the year of the Dragon.  Further, shamans of the Americas have spoken of Quetzalcoatl–a snake-like god. I see Quetzalcoatl’s prophetic return as a powerful metaphor for a Collective shift in Cosmic Consciousness as our old world dies and a New Age awakens, a la ‘out with the old, in with the new’. In venturing out with a community of men around the fire and Clubhouse recently, a brotherly friend reminded me that it’s not necessary to have the ‘Midas Touch’ and turn everything into gold.  Aren’t We all mirrors for One another?  The way I see it, the more of Us gaze on One another in the spirit of Love and Light, then We will naturally disarm the internal and external weapons of mass destruction that pollute Our daily lives.  Do We really need to see World War Three light a fire under our ass to effectively transition into Aquarian Unity, in the once Fertile Crescent where Abraham birthed the Big Three?  Forget about probability and tap into Unity possibilities a la Han Solo, whose famous quote still resonates in the form of  “never tell me the odds.”

I Hopi You are well,