Sealing The Deal in a New Year Ahead

Take the plunge with Seal into the darker depths of the ocean . . .
Welcome a vortex of primal creative waters pouring into our souls

A New Moon arrives on January 16th –
Let these energies be a catalyst for the waves of new year energies in Nature

A Chinese-Lunar New Year of the Dog rolls in about a month after that . . .
Time to build empathy in our heads and hearts for human shortcomings

Rising above the surface of a world of madness,
breathes in fresh air into suffocating old life support systems

Something new and different is waiting to be born into our collective consciousness

Analysis paralysis is like Groundhog Day revisited –
you get what you are, albeit aggravated by
recurring disappointments and let downs

Sometimes, you just got to flip the script and let the chips fall where they may
Tomorrow never knows where the winds of change might blow

So, if global markets tank, and sure thing predictions
were to fade away into dark nights . . .

What good would it do for you to stress out and worry about it?

We have been programmed to fear the unknown and what is uncertain
We have all been subject to systemic propagandizing
about the better the devil you know kind of memes . . .

Is that so?

Letting go of control issues is good for personal empowerment!
Surrendering to the will of the Universe reawaken a renewed sense of choice

What creative new envisioning to you have in your mirror of your mind?

See you further up the trails,


Isn’t That Obvious?

Isn’t That Obvious?

Blue is my hue today,
blinded by arrogance and green so you say.
Save me a soul by sellin’ your lies,
sailin’ away to far away spaces way high up in the sky.
Chariots of fire are the gods you see,
pullin’ puppet master strings of you and me.

And pushin’ their rule by secrecy . . .

A blast is heard from far away,
repeated by the talkin’ head objectively.
The sound’s been bit-sweet as candy . . .
Seen with my own eyes, while I perceive reality.
Cause it’s right there on T.V.

As seen on Fox News last night . . .

Spin doctors writing prescriptions,
but I don’t understand their indications.
And it wasn’t the first time folks . . .
Cuz propaganda is as propaganda does.

Now the scrolls teach us our souls,
are beyond the tolls of our roles . . .

And that includes . . .

Our Constitution, Bible, Koran, Cabala and the Book of the Dead . . .
Our academic institutions and their textbooks . . .
Our tax dollars that buy ’em.
Our corporations that make, market and sell ’em.
Our teachers that use ’em in their lesson plans.

And any interpretation of it . . .