Praying with Mantis and Gentle Meditations with Deer

I remember an encounter I had recently, when I observed a teacher carrying a jar with a praying mantis to share with her students in their classroom.  I love when teachers use the natural world to tap into their students organic curiosity about the world around them and connect that to what they are learning in school.  Although resources in public education are limited, I just love witnessing some evidence of positive momentum in nurturing a sense of community and harmony in our schools.  In an urban Chicago school, a powerful mantra is built into their culture that says, “it’s OK to walk away.”  When meditating on praying mantis medicine, we hear the ring tone of stillness speaking to us.  I wonder how many internal martial arts and meditation students consume the energy of this curious insect?  When we allow ourselves to venture deeply into our souls through dreaming, positive thinking, being present and remembering to just breathe consciously, we allow ourselves to elevate our consciousness and move into to realms and open up to new possibilities.  This happens when we choose to see the silver lining and make only positive interpretations.  Easier said than done.  But deer can help us tap into a sense of wonder and curiosity, while gently luring us into new adventures.  Moreover, when chewing on deer’s spirited power, we become less jerky and more aware of our bodies informing us and listening to our gut, the seat of our instinctual selves.  Can’t you hear the earworm of Master Jedi Obi Wan Kenobi saying, you must feel the Force (Chi) around you?  There is an energy, a Kingdom of Heaven that is there for all of us to see, if only we take a moment to notice. 

Did anyone out there catch the wind blowing smoke of the Democratic National Convention recently?  In our business run society, does anyone notice that the political party that fronts itself a party that welcomes everyone, is bribed by the same largesses that it’s so-called villain on the other side of the aisle?  But the truth is that there are no enemies.  We are all part of the web of life, though we are diverse strands in the living web.  What we do to that web, we do to ourselves.  Is Coke or Pepsi Democrat or Republican?  If we are to move beyond political rhetoric and our attachments to our beliefs, then we will actualize a new vision of our nation, our Mother and the Universe throughout.  In this sphere, we will co-create a New World of Unity Consciousness and celebrate the good times of our diversity.  Until we disarm our internal weapons of mass destruction and let go of our attachments to feeling inferior and/or superior to another person, tribe, community, country, etc., we will remain caught up in the collective nightmare we have woven for ourselves.  Isn’t it obvious that the corporate media thrives off the blame game drama that unfolds in front of our eyes on the tele, while distracting us from the truth with their smokescreen?  What would happen if we took the profit out of campaigns and politicians had access to free air time–would they be as tempted lie, be fake and on the take?  I can’t think a more delicious feast that advocates for everyone in a new American Dream that offers a safety net for all Earth’s citizens.  One of the key points from the book entitled, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People talks about co-creating win-win solutions by finding a third and different way.  The dinosaurs in charge do not really want to scale back their old ways that are no longer working.  The Country Club on Capitol Hill that includes both Democrats and Republicans is a club that seeks to protect the opulent minority against the overwhelming majority.  Yes, the master illusionism cleverly use the dark side of social science to pull the wool over their audience.  But if you listen carefully to the eloquent speeches of moderate Republican, candidates of Wall Street like Bill Clinton and President Obama, you will clearly hear in their position a band-aid approach to maintain the status quo of our current global economy and tweaking of the current system.  All these guys are offering us are some cheap umbrellas for protection and shelter from the storm, if you will.  Regardless of which candidate wins, we all lose until we do something different that getting too swayed from the Middle Way and over-indulging in the dog and pony shows.  Indeed, membership has its privileges and many of the top dawgs simply don’t want to share those privileges with the rest of us.  

Here in the USA, most of our tax dollars go toward the Pentagon and fuel the military-industrial complex.  In our commercial driven culture, much of our economy is fueled by marketing.  What would happen if those resources were leveled and more equally spent on delivering quality education to nurture all our children’s creativity in the classroom of life?  I remember an old saying that goes something like, “fair is that everyone gets what they need, not what they want.”  Isn’t equal access to resources a fair shake?  Now I have heard some folks, particularly the educated business class, frown at leveling movements like Occupy Wall Street and criticize the sense of entitlement of youth culture, the poor and oppressed and those of us that fall through the cracks.  However, here in America, we like to point fingers and criticize without realizing that a mirror is being held up for us to see reflections of ourselves.  Is humanity evolving into our Higher Selves when we adopt devolution as a personal mantra to justify our economic success?  Instead of God Bless America, we adopt in our hearts God Bless humanity and all sentient beings.  Each one of us walks in the center of the Universe, while none of us are special, Chosen or saved.  We are all cut from the same cloth.  When we pray with Mantis and meditate on deer, we gently allow ourselves to remember stillness speaking to us and welcome new adventures.  This is merely one way to effectively transition into a New Age and Paradigm.

Stay True,


Trotting With Fox

After waxing on a bit of a lather during a waning run recently, I noticed a Fox not noticing me as She crossed the road with a fresh kill in Her mouth.  Some kind of rodent, maybe it was a Mouse or a Rat, but admittedly I couldn’t quite zone in enough to attend to the detail or shrewd enough to say for sure. Whatever Nervous Woodland Creature (NWC) it was, perhaps it was down with ‘investing in loss’, less wily  than Fox, let go of a fight and accepted the ‘death of the old self’ without going Straight Outta Woodland. As it were, I remained camouflaged until Fox became aware of me at the border area to the wetlands and scurried away to secure its catch.  I wonder if Ralph Ellison was inspired by his Fox totem when he wrote Invisible Man?

I remember when I was in the woods a while back for a spell, just coming out of my meditation, as I observed Fox trotting merely a stone’s toss from me without flickering an eye as it passed me by. Given Her keen sense of smell and heightened capacity for discrimination and discernment (and my doubly large energy field), Fox’s Sacred Feminine energy is teaching me well in learning Merlin’s skills of concealment, as I learn to fade into the background and adjust my aura to the social environment accordingly (without giving up my power or taking someone else’s). And then a Blue Jay did a ‘fly by’ and rang like a ‘bell of mindfulness’ that I’d rather be a True Wizard than a master illusionist. Moreover, a Grasshopper’s quantum leap reminded me to venture out and take some risks in order to evolve and broadly jump forward.  In blazing my own trail, especially as We approach Fall, I am encouraged to release my fears of leaving others behind and fall back, while springing forward–for there is always freewill and what works for others probably won’t work for me and vice versa.  And then a Praying Mantis encouraged me to listen to my Inner Voice and remember Star Wars Jedi Qwi Gong Jin and spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle’s combined wisdom to quiet my mind, heed stillness, continue to cultivate my internal martial arts practice vis-a-vis remembering to breathe in ‘Righteous Chi’ . . . a walking meditation that is nothing to sneeze at during these changing seasons.

Finally, while recently watching “bush TV” in my backyard garden, I glanced up from the fire and gazed at the glowing Moon illuminating the golden Black Eyed Susan reflecting back my way. I could smell my fragrant flowering consciousness blooming in my own inner garden, even as Summer’s petals paradoxically wilt away.  In the Spirit of nocturnal power, Fox reinforces to Us that We can become the change we want to see by cutting back to Inner Peace, walking with joy in Our steps and following Our bliss.  As We rapidly approach and soon pass the transient Autumn Equinox and Light and Dark become equal as One . . . dare We enjoy the waning Light, welcome the forthcoming Dark and turn Our focus “Yinward”.  When We open Ourselves up to trotting in step with Fox’s tracks, We open up to allowing Ourselves to tap into Our creative energy and act from a heartfelt Inner Space. My encounter with Fox reminds me to be an open conduit for the Universe to flow through my human form in a way that represents Oneness, Diversity in Unity and sheds light on the shadowy veils that try to keep Us in Plato’s Cave. Now, isn’t that Foxy Aquarian footing out of this world?  Excuse me, while I kiss the sky . . .

I Hopi You are well,