Weaving Webs with Spider Co-creatively

Does anyone notice the abundance of spider webs out on the trails? Although small in stature, Spider’s medicinal powers weave creation into our daily lives. The energy of Spider inspires us to walk in the center of a circle, but without getting too swayed in any one direction. Maintaining a balanced perspective is a key ingredient to Spider’s teachings. Waking up to the spider within informs us of “instant Karma” and the power of our actions. Sometimes, our actions have unintended consequences. This is why we want to weave an intention of a pure heart and clean mind into our spirited travels, so that our souls will manifest into our material realm in that light. “So it was that Spider wove the first primordial alphabet, as she had woven the dream of the world that had become manifest.” Spider is shaped like a figure 8, symbolic of the sign of infinity. In this space, we open to the kaleidoscopic portal of the Quantum world. Three is a magical number. As such, Spider expresses magic in the form of creative expression, effectively asserting that communication and a convergence of its web’s spiraling energies at a central location. We all have a primordial desire to freely express ourselves with authenticity. And when we do not heed this prompting, we feel held back.

There is still much secrecy woven into the Imperial matrix of our Planet today. We see the veils thinning when the surveillance practices of the NSA were revealed by whistleblowers recently. The light of consciousness wants to illuminate the shadows. Don’t the pundits realize that comparing President Obama to a Nazi is akin to “calling the kettle black”? What is so romantic and sensuous about fascism in the first place? Like a perceived utopia, the idea is that the “ends justify the means”. But Life isn’t like that. Let us remember that the dominant majority likes to go unexamined. Who is authorizing the attack of the drones, the endless wars and escalating violence on Earth? Humans that get caught up in an illusionary web struggle with seeing the writing on the wall and beyond the “world of 10,000 things.” Our fears and limitations will entangle us unless we find creative ways to express ourselves authentically and respectfully. The arrogance of getting too ensconced inside a self-woven web blinds us from what lies along the intra-galactic outer rim. Spider shows us that “time is God”, in that there is a Divine Plan, while providing linkages to the past and the future. But not at the expense of the living moment. Self-awareness is a key that unlocks the padlocks of unconsciousness, spiritually speaking. An effective transition into a New Age is a process and it starts with your unfolding. As a matter of fact, we are all of spirit, thus spirit matters.

Nature reveals an unfolding process of changing weather fronts that sometimes shows us uncomfortable forecasts. However, we can move gracefully in our spiritual growth. There is a sense of security in a New Age and Paradigm, in that if one way doesn’t work, another way will. Recognizing that there is predictability in unpredictability can be liberating to the psyche. It is natural to want to feel a sense of security, order and control. But within any healthy structure, there needs to be novelty. I hardly think any child diagnosed with AD/HD wouldn’t get too bored with the status quo and act out to show the system that it’s being too rigid. At the same time, too much permeability and permissiveness is out of balance and dangerous as well. By spinning with the dark night within, Spider helps us weave our primordial creations so that our creativity walks in the sunlight and wakes up to the light of day. Are you weaving your dreams and imaginings into reality? Are you using your creative opportunities? Do you need to write? Are you feeling closed in or stuck? Do you know where you are on the map? Are you or those in your orbit walking in balance? Are you moving toward a central goal or scattered in multiple directions? Are you staying focused? Are you over-involved with others or too self-absorbed? Are you becoming resentful of yourself by not focusing on your own accomplishments, or resentful of others by focusing too much on their accomplishments?

See you further on down the trails,


Magically awakening Dragonfly’s light behind the shadowy projector screen

While buzzing with Bee during last week’s encounter, we remembered to drink in Life’s sweetness and get organized in our inner and outer worlds with industry. This week, we take flight with Dragonfly in our travels. Mythical legend tells us that Dragon was once a wise and masterful illusionist. However, Dragon was tricked by Coyote to prove his power by turning himself into a Dragonfly. In getting caught up in his own facade and falling for Coyote’s prank, Dragon lost his power. Alas, with great power comes great responsibility.

If only our global community would embrace this powerful wisdom by integrating Dragonfly’s free-spirited teachings into our daily Life. Less emphasis on military might and more investment in co-facilitating the democratic process will probably decrease the desire for military coups and give peace more than a chance. With Dragonfly as our spirited guides, we lighten-up our internal navigation systems. Consuming the energy of Dragonfly helps us add color to our world of form, but without blowing things out of proportion or being too over the top with our magical theatrics. Dragonflies perform aerial feats akin to UFO’s that leave us feeling dazzled. Why not take flight and hover with Dragonfly when your spirits need a lift?

When incorporating transparency and “fairness, honesty and integrity” in our day-to-day operations, would we not see decreases in gun violence, a more active civic involvement in voting, more equitable immigration laws, a clearer and cleaner energy policy toward effectively adapting to Climate change? How much NSA wiretapping and other surveillance policies would we need if Leadership were following the rules that they set for us to follow? Surely building equal access to health care, including the Chiropractic Care Available to All Veterans Act, would perhaps reduce deficit headaches and backbreaking workman’s compensation claims to employers. Isn’t sowing the seeds of love, rather than the proliferation of pesticides in our soil, a breath of fresh air? Rather than rolling back the Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act, doesn’t it make sense to water those seeds with love as well? When humanity purifies our collective intention, “we will hold these truths to be self-evident”–without bugging ourselves or being too bugged by bugs, super-sized or otherwise.

“Dragonfly . . . Breaks illusions, Brings visions of power, No need to prove it, Now is the hour! Know it, Believe it, Great Spirit intercedes, feeding you, blessing you, filling your needs.” Dragonfly medicine reminds humanity to stay cool by learning to effectively swim in the deep waters of emotional life, play outside and spend time by fresh water. Change, transformation, mythical connections to Nature Spirits, weaving through illusions and creative imagination are all aspects of Dragonfly’s teachings. Shedding light into this realm allows us to perceive through shadow realms. We live in a colorful world and we are all rainbow children. Culturally, we are a salad bowl. Mindful consumption and mystical digestion is good food for our souls to marinate on.

See you further on down the trails,


Moose’s Meditations on Balancing the Gracefulness of Deer and the Stampede of Buffalo

After digesting last week’s hot Summer Solstice supper and Full Moon buffet, some of the intense feelings are waning from that feast. Butterfly’s kisses reminded us of our natural support networks within our souls that are equipped to transform and gently allow ourselves to let go of fixed ideas, thus waking up to the reality of inner peace. This week, the energy of Moose greets us on the trails to remind us to honor our own authority. There is nothing wrong with being open to the feedback of our peers in community. That is how we grow. But when we honor the choices that we make, we know a deeper sense of freedom and responsibility. Recognizing our karma in this space realizes the illumination of our inner guidance so that we may follow it. At the end of the day, calling on the Moose within our own Being reveals our own inner warrior that facilitates the process of fearlessly address self-esteem issues that might be lurking in our subconscious. In our community, we woke up this week to an explosion that scared us all out of our sleep. An elderly man was killed in his house by his propane tank exploding. Scared straight as I was, I carefully checked out the scene to assess for safety. I focused on feeling gratitude for Life and the concerned members of our community coming together to talk authentically about our feelings with one another. And my heart went out to those who live with explosions and other tragedies in their everyday life. Moose is good food for the soul when waking up to your own authority. There is an internal sense of protection in that.


American society and our modern world is an applause culture, where we covet our 15 minutes of fame. While being popular with everyone is unrealistic, we all deserve to be treated with dignity and respect and feel a sense of belonging in our World. During the daily positive works of co-creating a New Earth, it is natural for us to want to share with one another “the spontaneous explosion of joy that comes from the deepest part of one’s being.” Moose medicine wakes us up to balancing the gentleness of Deer with Buffalo’s stampede. Moreover, the energy of Moose guides us to “know what to say, when to say it, and to whom.” Rather than robotic transactions within the social environment, meditation on Moose medicine opens up our souls to a deeper place of inner knowing. Rather fading away into an egotistical realm of manipulation and sense of “I got what I wanted”, our souls brighten-up with the energy of Moose.


Whether being profiled by the IRS, NSA or other shadowy government-business relationships, we are in transition from leaving behind an old world that values protecting the privilege of the “opulent minority” against the leveling impulses of “overwhelming majority”. Developmentally, we are growing up toward a more egalitarian view in our Consciousness. We see this old world-New Age tension play out when the Supreme Court ruled in favor of equality of our gay brothers and sisters right to marital inclusion by striking down the “Defense of Marriage Act”. In the next breath however, the High Court ruled against equality by beating back “key enforcement provisions” in the “Voting Rights Act” that help our colorful voices being heard in politics. Is David Koch entitled to have his feelings protected because he donated $23 million to New York and Boston PBS stations? Come on folks, let us agree that we are all sensitive creatures, regardless of how big our bank account is. Encoded within our humanity, we are cognitive-emotional creatures and we need to balance our orientation with respectful communication. What are those with deep pockets and positions of power afraid we will find out about their business practices? Talk about mixed messages.


We have spoken before that we need to sit with contradictions and paradoxes in both our internal and external realities. How do you feel about sitting with these tensions of opposites? What do you need to do to adjust yourself on the inside, rather than acting out through denial or aggression? Meditation on Moose helps us take stock in our areas of growth during our journey here. What do you love about yourself and your developmental progress in life? What do you love about others and their developmental progress they have made in life? Consuming the energy of Moose feeds our soul’s “the magic of invisibility (and) shapeshifting camouflage.” Investing in loss of our Yang-Masculine energy wakes up our movement toward Yin-Feminine energy. Moose facilitates a graceful transition during this process. The relationship Moose has with water is symbolic of our feminine powers of intuition, creativity and sexual energy. Allowing ourselves to receive like our oceans, is bowing to the power of Moose. As a power animal, Moose helps us make transition from the death of the old self into our becoming New Life. Past lives and future selves happen within this lifetime too. While we might have a concrete and fixed idea that we “only live once”, it need not leave a bad taste in our mouths when we witness our bodies are evolving. If we don’t work at allowing ourselves to love what we do, then our souls will fade. Working with Moose is a way to brighten-up your inner light and let it shine for you and our Universe to bask in. It aids us in comprehending our spiritual lesson plan with acute hearing and sniffing things out through discernment. The spirited teachings of Moose conjure up a deepening, mindful-awareness and sensitivity to self and others that is asking to be awakened.


See you further on down the trails,