With Ladybug, The Only Constant Is Change

When I see a Ladybug,
it’s hard for me to not think of the embodiment of metamorphosis

Ladybug has life lessons for us to meditate on
walking with balanced footsteps

Transformation into an authentic spiritual path
knows the power of our earthbound connection

Spirits run atop the mountain when light is at its peak
It’s easy to feel inebriated when soaking up the sun

But doing your dharma isn’t always about being a social butterfly,
having your ducks in a row, having a good time, or pleasing others . . .

In darker days, deeper feelings take refuge within
the fiery embers of the soul’s dream lodge

Darker days and colder weather can have an adverse affect
on learning how to be a human

Have you had a hard day’s night or a tough week?

We remember past loved ones, old relationships and old connections
Perhaps there are regretful memories or maybe even nostalgia . . .

But are you able to hold hands with the who you used to be
and make friends with the who you are now?

Or are they totally separate, disconnected and compartmentalized entities?

I like to view such phenomena as an interplay between
personal identity interacting with group consciousness.

There are times when the mythical spiritual quest works its magic
on the inside – moving in mysterious ways, not without uncertainty

But the awakening wintry slumber is fluid, and flows toward its source!

Nature wants to nurture organic co-mingling opportunities . . .

A place where novel, creative free thinking are real possibilities,
where heaven and earth tango together

Till we meet again along the trails,


Ladybug Resurrects a Co-mingling of Heaven and Earth

Ladybug resurrects sunlight from the heavens
But when they were grubs, these beetles also reflect being of the earth

Their presence awakens the duality of our soul’s
own divine and creature reality

We are walking along a balance beam with
one foot in the ground, and one foot in spirit

It is important to respect planetary gravitational pull
while at the same time being in touch with our higher selves

With Summer Solstice coming, peak sunlight is arriving
Summery yang signals rising energetic intensity

This time of year, it is natural for free spirits to want to fly into the skies
All the more reason to dig on this bug’s grounding energy

Picture a lady bug or any other beetle to sing any song
that might awaken a musical high note in your multi-dimensional earthwalk

See you up the trails,


When Bugged by my Lady, I remember to hear the Beetles

I remember hearing my wife calling out my name recently, excitedly telling me a story about a Ladybug presenting itself to her in just the right moment during her journey right Tao, here on Mothership Earth.  Moreover, my partner also shared that she was particularly bug-eyed after unearthing her newfound Lady friend, by unexpectedly hearing a Beetles earworm during the Darkness of Winter, here in Northern New England. 

Among the Beetles that strike a chord within are Ladybugs, whom bugify the process of change by morphing from an egg to a grub and finally taking flight as a winged creature.  In the drumbeat of life, Ladybugs hit the symbols of transmutation, reincarnation and new life.  Isn’t it poignant that Groundhog Day is coming down the pike, just after the arrival of the Chinese New Year of the Dragon on January 23, 2012?  I get all fired up, starry-eyed and a Moon-glow just seeing it in my Third Eye!  Don’t Ladybugs and the rest of the Beetles remind Us of the ancient wisdom that asserts “as above, so below”, in that they became associated with the Sun’s movement across the sky, given their rolling from East to West.  “You may say that I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.”  Perhaps Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. tapped into his Ladybug totem when he practiced peaceful, non-violent acts of civil disobedience, while sowing the seeds of Love.  In his letting go of his attachment to his human shell, he understood that doing the right thing might be the death of him. 

Further, isn’t it possible that Ladybugs are here in part to encourage Us to shapeshift Our human psyches to see Life in a different Light?  Aren’t Ladybug energies akin to Virgo energy, given their practical, nurturing, protective and family oriented tendencies?  When Ladybug lights your way, perhaps She’s bugging you to let go of the devilish pests of Yesterday and nudging You to unearth buried treasures, wishes, magic, spirituality and engage in soul-searching.   And nothing against the business of Bugbusters, but maybe an agreement with Ladybug and Beetle consciousness will reveal spiritual truths that have not yet become visible to your distorted human filter.  From this perspective, perhaps it’ll buy Us time, save Us money and reduce Our carbon footprint.  Like my Chinese acupuncture friend asserts, “in West, answer is to kill . . . don’t always have to kill everything.”  When I meditate on Ladybug, I resurrect Our Human Race’s plight by reminding myself to shuffle in the sink as I do my ‘Spirited Uncle Tom Dance’ to the powers that were with their developmentally delayed ways–while carrying a genuine smile on my face and staying light on my feet!  And while Playing Guitar, I’ll fret not . . . as evidenced by this writing, I’m already tuned in–and Bugged!

I Hopi You are well,