Shared Constellations With Bear

Bear Medicine represents introspection
Shy unless provoked – gentle giants are they

Meditation on Bear reminds us of the wisdom that
Truth is sweet like honey
Setting us free

Do you need to venture deep within yourself and
draw on your instinctive powers or other natural resources?

Our inner lights are fading yin-ward into the shades of waning Full Moon
Standing in the space of knowing is a marketing free zone
When we enter the center of a circle, there is nobody to convince or sway

Are your judgments off-center?

Do you remember when the stock exchange crashed
and the wealthiest Americans began paying around a 90% tax rate?

Meditation on the Taoist idea of investing in loss reveals
A Bear market knows the time is now to let our
Bullish and expansive material emphasis go into hibernation
We venture closer to the dark night of Winter Solstice

Now is the time to let our greed and arrogance rest in peace

There is a natural impetus to come back down to earth right now
in our relationships with one another, her creatures and our planet.

A more sustainable and equitable way to live wants to express itself

The more the empire tightens its controlling grip
the more unwanted disorder falls through its cracks
and the more painful this process will be

We set our souls free from feeling trapped in our physical bodies
By knowing we are all created in the image of Creator

We bear witness to the death of the illusion of the material reality
Entanglement with form relaxes by
letting go of our sense of expectation and outcome

Do you need to withdraw from the ways of the world for a spell?
Or do you need to come out of your cave and be more social?

We become pregnant with ideas during dimming lights
Dreaming of planted seeds growing in the underground basement of our souls

Spring Equinox on horizon signifies
a rebirth with arrival of budding Spring Eclipse Season
Cubs want to come out and play

All we need is patience to think before we speak
Being open-heartedly inquisitive in our politics of living
Cultivates plasticity of the mind
Revolutionary zeal without the hate
Loving ourselves is loving our planet

Are you using your helping abilities properly?

Prayer is an active, yang-masculine way of stating our intention for
manifesting and expanding – like sending a message out to the Universe.
Meditation is a receptive, yin-feminine state for
contracting and welcoming messages from our
subconscious and unconscious faculties.

We are all an embodiment of masculine and feminine energies
designed for walking with one foot in spirit and one foot in ground

Edgy dark magicians are only able to pull the wool over
us as long as we buy into the hellish nightmare that we are separate from God

But Christ was an embodiment that shed light on a way and truth
reflecting the Kingdom of Heaven as an intrinsic state of Being
Happiness will not come about by the objects of our affection

Do you believe in your capacity to quiet your mind and
receive solution-focused messages from that stillness?
Can you hear your inner voice speaking to you through the sound of silence?

Our treatment of bears mirrors how serious we are about
the preservation of our environment and natural resources
Reminding us of the possibility that bears, humans
and all God’s creatures can live together in harmony

After this latest American election cycle – beyond the cheers and jeers
of preferred or unwanted outcome
Are you seeing the good deep within all situations?

See you further on up the trails,


Playing Opossum with the Intention of Diversion and use of Appearances

I remember watching an opossum from my kitchen window recently.  At first glance, I thought I was watching an engorged squirrel that was performance-enhanced by a cocktail of drugs, like the folks you see on the TV in the professional sports arena.  However, after my perception cleansed, I stood mesmerized by my opossum friend’s climbing strategy, as he traversed the branches high atop the backyard tree.  If one way didn’t work, he simply found another route and patiently changed his trajectory by traveling along another, more effective path.  Although it was not long before I knew that I would dig a little deeper into this Classroom Mothership Earth lesson, I remembered to breathe, stay present and gently allow the communion with my climbing friend to unfold organically.  Although I was eager to meditate on the spiritual significance of this spirited encounter, I needed to remember one of Oprah Winfrey’s favorite mantra’s, “be here, be now”.  As I stood in the place that I was, I know that while Oprah loves her shows, I wore my bare feet.

On the global weather front, our human race stands on what I like the call the confrontational crossroads fence yet again.  And like a virtual blogging friend also poignantly chimed in, “when confronted with a spiritual or dogmatic crossroads, a man first holds fast to his beliefs. He then thinks and challenges the new thought. He finds any reason to not accept it, while simultaneously knowing that he could easily be wrong. He then moves into the sphere of crossroads and is confronted by the face of truth. He can only accept truth and change, or deny truth and remain stagnant in growth.”  Moreover, I remember my old self using the powerful and yet primitive psychological coping strategy of denial to win an argument with my peers.  When the conversational topic became too threatening to my worldview, like Rush Limbaugh, I simply ended the conversation by arrogantly asserting, “I’m right, you’re wrong and that’s all there is to it.”  Today, here in the USA and the planet throughout, humanity has become dramatically polarized.  We have fought wars based on drawing rigid lines in the sand, we have suppressed and repressed the masses of folks that perceive and desire the “chimes of freedom flashing”.  While it is true that we have been like “sheeple” that have gone along with the herd and we have allowed the wool to have been pulled over us by the corporate illusionist behind the curtain–the time is now to end “separate, but equal”.  We are all One and if we are to move beyond ego (intellectual concepts, beliefs, dogma, rhetoric, etc.), then we need to recognize the demonic shackles of the ego when they are drawn within our own being.  For example, does it really make sense that our homosexual brothers and sisters–whether oriented and/or choosing that lifestyle, should be discriminated against and not allowed the same legal and spiritual rights as the majority of us that define ourselves as heterosexual?  Is it not obvious that this is the same line that was drawn for women and folks of color?  It is time to let go of the “great deceiver” that orders us to “obey thy master”, “shut up and shop” and judge one another as superior and/or inferior.  The truth is, there are no enemies out there, rather, the Kingdom of Heaven is within and it is equally available for all of us, if only we allow for it.  It’s about a state of consciousness, sweetheart! 

Moving onward, we are birthing into a New Age and Paradigm, but not without the labor pains that accompany the delivery of the Promised Land that many of us envision.  As we co-create Heaven on Earth and step into the realm of Infinity, we need to remember that this is a slow process (although paradoxically rapidly accelerating).  Moreover, this colorful process of co-creation happens one step, one moment and one breath at a time.  Perhaps this week, you might start by picturing an opossum and asking yourself the following reflective questions:  are you acting or about to act in an inappropriate manner?  Do you need to strengthen your appearance?  Are others putting up false appearances in front of you?  Do you need to divert attention away from some activity?  Are others trying to divert your attention?  Is it time to go into your own bag of tricks and pull out some new strategy?  Opossum medicine can help you balance magic, parlor tricks and real-life Wizardry in your life right now.  And please remember to stay light on the feet and keep your footing, while cutting back to inner peace on the playing field of Life.

Stay True,