Grouse in the House

How do we abolish racial, and class inequalities?

Might as well say yes on the inside, while voting no on the outside
to the institutional reality of social injustice

But that takes an authentic look at your position of privilege
Sometimes, it’s hard to know what it’s like on the bottom,
when you’re sitting on top of the perch

Say it with me, and say it loud . . .

Peace in, and peace out to the complexities of the profiling ways of aggressive
military-industrial forces of maximum economic profit driven crowds

Whereas, in the acknowledgement, the healing begins with an open and
denial free approach to a shadowy world order of
modern slavery that blacks out the masses

As an earthling, of the overwhelming majority,
does it not make too much sense to promote meaningful work,
provide livable wages, with paid vacation, sick time,
and equal access to quality health care?

If we can make big expensive bombs, and satellite dishes,
then we can improve on our devolutionary systems in place,
move beyond life supports, and truly transform
into something beautiful by just all getting along, and spreading the love

No need to attach labels to this kind of free thinking
We are moving into a New Age of We Consciousness

Collaboration is ancient wisdom that tells stories that speak of
what is good for the Goose is good for the Gander

Harmony is being reintroduced as becoming a New Normal Mindset

Bottom line profit margins evolve into an ancient
taoist spiritual philosophy of investing in loss . . .

How do we make friends with divided Bear and Bull Markets?
Is there a Middle Way that transforms winners and losers?

At our core, we are formless, energetic beings of light that
become hip the vibe that we walk in the dark night of our souls

We should all be proud of the primal,
creative nature of our inner black soul power!

And in working with the darkness of feminine energy,
awaken to the potential to energize our bodies into luminous beings of light

Beneath the surface, we are all the color of water . . .

Meditate on the black and white synergy of the yin and the yang
Masculine and feminine energies work together with transformational equality

Access your personal power by walking in a figure 8 sign of infinity
to link-up connection with Heaven and Earth

Focus on positive interpretations by seeing blessings that are disguised by curses

Autumn Equinox is arriving in later September . . .

Eclipse season will be waning then
Light and Dark energies become equally balanced again

Race, like the yin and the yang, are always in flux and trying to find balance

Folks of mixed race, on physical appearance alone,
might invite a garden variety of reactions, including judgements by others

The god of opinion, thought police, and the voice in the head
perhaps wants you to believe you are what it says you are . . .

But you don’t need to carry that cross
Put it down, and let it go . . .

We shall overcome societal perspectives that divides into segregated boxes
that peddle folklore that we are either inferior or superior to one another

May we celebrate our diversity and unity in our consciousness

Notice any guilt and shame that might come up for you
and examine it with the light of heaven and the grounding matter of earth

The chattering monkey mind of anxiety
will drive you into madness if you let it

Remember to unplug, and take a step back from the world’s ills for a spell . . .

Connect with the synergy of good friends, and be outside together

Hear the wind blowing in the leaves, crickets singing, birds chirping

What do they have to say to you?

Till next time along the trails,


Dancing to the rhythmic drumbeat of Grouse

I remember a Grouse milling about along a border area recently and it reminded me of a time when I saw one of its kind “shake, rattle and roll” by leading a group of bystanders away from its children, as it did a mystical figure 8 dance.  Can’t You hear Its rapturous lyrics, “Grouse . . . of the sacred spiral, leading Us on, to reach the everlasting heights, where We can live as One”?

During the waning of Groundhog Day and the Imbolc and the waxing on of the Moon . . . if We are paying attention to the subtleties of Mother Nature, then We are keenly aware that the seeds underground are starting to think about coming up.  Energetically, spring is beginning right now as winter is fading and light is returning.  May We find a bounce in Our giddy up as We Spring forth the Equinox on March 20th.  I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I noticed a Grouse at this time calling out to me, given that Grouse medicine’s Sacred Spiral symbolizes personal power.  I wonder if Tony Robbins tapped into his Grouse totem when he started his Personal Power! series?  Moreover, Grouse’s dancing evokes a sense of personal vision and enlightenment as We learn to walk the center of a circle in a figure 8, the sign of Infinity to induce a trance through dance in the drumbeat of Our Heart’s footsteps.  I can see Kevin Bacon’s character in Footloose tapping his feet to Mother Earth’s drumbeat, as he reads a passage from the Bible about the power of dance to commune with Great Spirit, though as I recall expressing it differently than I.  What’s that about Diversity within Unity?  As We shuffle onward, Grouse’s spiraling dancing has the potential to help Us take flight by linking masculine and feminine energies (yin and yang, light and dark) so within as without, as above, so below.  Further, Grouse medicine reveals the process of transcending Our humanity vis-a-vis accessing presence during the robotic doings of Our daily walk.  Merely a simple shift in awareness, in allowing Our Selves to be more present in a heartfelt space, We are afforded the opportunity to transmutes a rote doing experience into a Golden One, by shifting internally and aligning with Nature’s Pulse organically.

Here on Channel Tao, I might not be Dancing with the Stars.  But my way of “gittin’ jiggy with it” is to go out ‘neath a Starry Night, while taichi dancing around a figure eight, simultaneously playing with my new light saber.  I realize my way of dancing may be a bit unique, but perhaps Yours is too.  Though I’m not keeping score, I’m happy with an 8, while I’m wishing all of you a perfect 10!  Will Tom Brady stay calm in the pocket and allow his psychic abilities to be more tuned in as he reads complex defensive fronts and spirals away from Giants singing to the tune of, “fee fi foe fum . . . ?”  If You are watching the Big Game on Sunday, one concrete way to shift from a robotic experience to an Enlightening experience is to let go of outcome and just watch, without judgment and let whatever comes up for You to pass with care.  Who knows, by allowing the game to unfold as it Will, your experience with it might just be Super–and not intercepted by any unwelcome feelings that may arise.  Also, please consider indulging in the Full Moon on Tuesday, February 7 and digesting the energies It has to offer You this time around.

I Hopi You are well,