Navigating Directional Challenges with Hummingbird

Awakening our flowering consciousness . . .
Relaxing internal tension of opposites by
humming spiritual high notes –
Heavenly music to our ears.

Being open-hearted has a positive cumulative effect –
palatable to tasting Life’s sweet nectar.

Got ugly? Are you hovering o’er harmonic discord?
Strumming to the tune hummingbird
Helps us fly away . . .

When speaking of the prophetic return of the animals
and disappearance of white people –
We are talking about a metaphorical
shedding of our old dead skins . . .

A Great Awakening, levitation and illumination in consciousness . . .

Finding our inner joy is outward sunlight expansion into our
world for others to enjoy in material realm.
Getting stuck in the mud of bad moods
pollute our inner and community gardens.

In this place?

Picture a hummingbird and drink in its medicine for a spell . . .
Perhaps your cup will be full from
directionally darting toward feeling mystically well.
Flitting away from waning Full Moon and Spring Equinox –
Toward the Summer Solstice.

Release caged in judgments and set them free with relaxing energy.
Opening up our heart-centered joyful experiences of
Magic in our politics of living.

See you further on down the trails,


The Point is . . . Porcupine Medicine Works

Remember when tribal medicine men used porcupine quills to stimulate energy?
To wit: The point is . . . Acupuncture works for righteous chi.

Are UFOs and Extraterrestrials merely akin
to visions of European ships seen by Native American shamans –
On the New World’s oceanic horizon?
Reverse engineered technological advances by our Empire’s Hidden Hand . . .
Perhaps Spring Eclipse seasonal energies are stoking our
Universal brothers and sisters to come out and play for all of us to see.

Clearing our doors of perception.
Might we keep an “open and skeptical mind”, while avoiding extreme positions?

Traumatic experiences are real on some level –
Come clean with denial of past abuses!
Otherwise we consume a receipt for history repeating itself.

Walking with playful, light-hearted and humble footsteps –
Do you feel yourself leaving a minimally processed Carbon Footprint?
Facilitating the process of our transition into an Aquarian Age . . .
Waking us up to a higher dimensional consciousness . . .

We are Earthlings –
Letting go of past securities of old programming . . .
Opening up to new beginnings.
A parallel process to Winter’s yin-ward slumber –
Moving full-throttle into Spring’s emergence of expansionary growth.

Formless Energetic beings are we . . .
Paradoxically traveling in material bodily vessels . . .
Beneath superficial differences we are all the color of water.

How do we do leap forward without faith and trust?
Mantra: Great Spirit has a Divine Plan!

Are we able to return to our innocence by discovering
a child-like sense of adventure and wonder in everyday life?
Watch children at school making authentic heartfelt connections organically . . .
Liking one another naturally.

Chaos is real . . . But seriously folks – why so serious?

Leaving behind our identification of intellectualism –
We awaken our heart’s fire to spark our intuition.

See you further on down the trails,