You are the Quarterback

You are the quarterback
Your team is down
It’s fourth and everything
Last play of the game

(We’re in the 11th hour – we are the one’s we’ve been waiting for)

Coach makes the call
You disagree with his signal
and so does the team
One cohesive unit
one chain, eleven links
As strong or as weak
As every link

Loved one’s watching
Local press reporting
Two communities cheering
and maybe more
Spectators galore

You are a leader in action
Your actions speak louder than words

Call the command
Or command the field
Your team depends on your leadership
You are the quarterback

The Point is . . . Porcupine Medicine Works

Remember when tribal medicine men used porcupine quills to stimulate energy?
To wit: The point is . . . Acupuncture works for righteous chi.

Are UFOs and Extraterrestrials merely akin
to visions of European ships seen by Native American shamans –
On the New World’s oceanic horizon?
Reverse engineered technological advances by our Empire’s Hidden Hand . . .
Perhaps Spring Eclipse seasonal energies are stoking our
Universal brothers and sisters to come out and play for all of us to see.

Clearing our doors of perception.
Might we keep an “open and skeptical mind”, while avoiding extreme positions?

Traumatic experiences are real on some level –
Come clean with denial of past abuses!
Otherwise we consume a receipt for history repeating itself.

Walking with playful, light-hearted and humble footsteps –
Do you feel yourself leaving a minimally processed Carbon Footprint?
Facilitating the process of our transition into an Aquarian Age . . .
Waking us up to a higher dimensional consciousness . . .

We are Earthlings –
Letting go of past securities of old programming . . .
Opening up to new beginnings.
A parallel process to Winter’s yin-ward slumber –
Moving full-throttle into Spring’s emergence of expansionary growth.

Formless Energetic beings are we . . .
Paradoxically traveling in material bodily vessels . . .
Beneath superficial differences we are all the color of water.

How do we do leap forward without faith and trust?
Mantra: Great Spirit has a Divine Plan!

Are we able to return to our innocence by discovering
a child-like sense of adventure and wonder in everyday life?
Watch children at school making authentic heartfelt connections organically . . .
Liking one another naturally.

Chaos is real . . . But seriously folks – why so serious?

Leaving behind our identification of intellectualism –
We awaken our heart’s fire to spark our intuition.

See you further on down the trails,


Riding with Whale

Remembering when to connect with the energy of Whales helps up tap into our soul’s purpose during our venture here.  But even within our day-to-day routine, we can know an awakened doing, where we let our soulful presence shine onto the world around us when we are going about our doings.  In our Being, paying attention to our breathing patterns during our walking meditation is a key ingredient to a sustainable healthy Life diet.  Of course, drinking plenty of water doesn’t hurt and we all benefit from equal access to clean drinking water and water to play in.  Legend tells us that Whale carries the consciousness of our Planet’s history.  I even heard somewhere that a long, long time ago whales flew in the air.  Right now, ingesting their medicine aids us in understanding sound and frequency and learning how to connect to the Universal heartbeat of Love and Truth to light our way and stay afloat.  As such, we loosen up and dismantle our rigid boundaries so that our energy flows more freely like water in our relationships with one another.  We still respect one another’s personal space, but in a way that allows for soulful exchanges and heartfelt connections in an authentic and respectful fashion.

When remembering to take an honest, gentle gaze on our Planet today, it is like reading a parody of a fairy tale that we ought to be embarrassed to read to our grandchildren when it comes to our current relationships with one another.  Whether subtle or provocative, what is it about violence that is so engrained into our human family system as a preferred way of life?  What is it about fear that is so dominant in our psyches?  What is the Navy so afraid of in that they continue using sonar weaponry that is decimating our whales, dolphins and other cetaceans?  What else is going on in our ocean’s depths they aren’t telling us about?  Yet, our friends in Congress continue pounding their war chests by pouring more money into dirty energy, a bloated military, weapons of mass destruction and the commercialization of assault weapons, crime rhymes, violent movies and video games readily available on the shelves.   Does our experience with Climate Change have to be so traumatic?  No.  We have the capacity to facilitate this process, move with the shifting tides by radically accepting every moment exactly as it is and even finding the courage to embrace the living moment, rather than resist it with a fight.  Pacifism is not about being passive and condoning the sickness in our world.  It is about radical self-control, effective self-government and making a conscious choice to say peace out to violence directed at the self or toward another.  When we make friends with that, we will know peace on Earth.  Remembering to be gentle on ourselves and creating space to get to know our souls on a deeper level is part of Whale’s teachings.  If only our World leaders would move beyond short-term tunnel vision and see the forest for the trees as well.

As we loosen up our rigid thought patterns and boundaries, we open up to the flow of Love to pour into our souls.  Meditation on Whale and the water element in particular is good medicine for that.  When we allow our relationships with ourselves and one another to flow like water, we become more equipped in staying buoyant with our tension and relaxing into the living moment, regardless of how heated it gets.

See you further on down the trails,