New Tanka and Haiku Poetry

Woodpecker Drumming
Hawk soars O’er a new moonshine
Like Mercury in
Retrograde, Fox can be a
Trump Trickster that sells fake news

Let go of concrete
Logical/rational thought
Instead of being
Seduced/punched by your fears
Become your transformation

Picture calm, peaceful
thoughts that breathe fresh air into
your soul so you can
see Love and Truth that values
Equality and freedom

Is an Alien 
event coming to reveal 
new dimensional
challenge of looking at things
differently than we do?

A Full Worm Moon is
Coming on Spring Equinox
Robin gets its meal

Are you a programmed
sheep herded by big money?
See with your own eyes!

You can build a wall
But an old paradigm is
breaking down right now

Till Next Time Peeps,


Guidance on Working our Boarders and Edges with Fox

The trickery of Fox trots into the trails,
while the wind blows in Mercury’s airs of Retrograde

A Full Pink Moon awakens early Spring Flowers,
as April Fool’s Day takes us out to the ballgame,
and sports our collective parks . . .

Light has crossed over the hump, and is more ready to take action
since the Spring Equinox already fades into the backdrop,
and the femininity of yin invests in loss . . .

The Bernie Sanders politician was an early arrival into
a new Aquarian Age kind of statesmanship
Back when flower power was merely a fringe movement . . .

But the will of the people are speaking up now more than ever!

The Bern’s a metaphor for progressive leaders becoming the new normal as
we shift forward into an increasingly multi-polar world –
where everyone is welcome, and we all have something to contribute!

Yet we have more positional predatory chickenhawks
than ever with Trump and company

Become inspired by our youth for standing up to the tyranny of
deep corporate proliferation of guns and nuclear weapons

Meditation on Fox is an energetic act of civil disobedience . . .

You can learn to cover your tracks, while walking invisibly among others
out in the open by becoming an agitator and distraction to established bullying behavior patterns

The liberty of the Stock Exchange and the Military-Industrial Complex
are destined to level, like turkey’s diminishing impact on squirrel’s stockpiles

But the same systems that oppress can liberate
Human beings have a strong survival instinct

We just have a lot of crap that we have to release
so that we can lick our wounds so they can heal

All of us can stand to work to soften our edges and expand our boarders
in ways that harmonize with our environment in the spirit of win-win politics

Our hybrid creature status can remember that
we are connected to all Earth’s creatures!

At the same time, our hybrid divine nature can
remember we are pre-wired for spirituality

Will “our friends in Congress” have a miraculous change in hearts and minds?
Will extraterrestrials beings help awaken a transformation
in our multidimensional awareness?

Times are changing . . .

Now more than ever, we need to welcome our powers of mutability for adaptability

Let the energy of Fox help you sniff out the
scent of discrimination and discernment in relationship
with cunning silent observation

See you up the trails,


Blending in with Fox

Leaving minimal trace with single tracks to and fro
Stretching our outer limits with swiftness of thought and action

Adaptability blends us into woodland borders and edges
Fading into Autumn’s changing backdrop

Like Fall’s colorful leaves
Mutable Fox’s fur coats camouflage into a Winter wonderland

Cunning with silent observation
Meditate on actions speaking louder than words

Integration of non-verbal communication
Listen with an empathic ear to hear the ring tone of another’s attached emotion

Learning to become invisible by adjusting your energy field
Like a lamp that dims or brightens a room

Understand predictability while knowing Oneness
See the extraordinary magic within ordinary life

Enjoy relaxing into your personal evolutionary process
No need to hurry or compress the living moment

Remember it’s the journey not the destination

Empty your mind by letting your thoughts float away like pink bubbles
While trotting with the rhythmic footprints aligned with Nature’s pace

Become like the wind – blowing in and out of any location
with quick decisiveness and secure footing in physical world

Leaving behind energetic footprints of kindness and compassion

See you further on up the trails,


Blending in gray areas with Fox

Foxes are good role models in that they teach us how to effectively blend in to our surroundings. Moreover, they teach us how to adjust our Auric energy fields to effectively connect with our peers in community. Foxes typically backtrack, so it can be difficult to understand the timing or direction of their travels. Although they are members of the Dog family, Foxes also exhibit characteristics of Cat. Symbolically, Fox radiate the darkness of feminine energy. Given their keen sense of smell, we learn a sense of discrimination and discernment in our relationship with self and others.

In our work with children, we know the job of parenting is no easy task.  Such as with Life, balance is key. Being too permissive or too rigid might be a receipt for disaster.  Maturation does not kick in until our children learn to effectively pass through developmental changes.  Most parents want our children to have a better shake of it than we did and protect our children from pain and suffering. In that primal desire help them grow and connect with our children, sometimes we enable them and teach them ways that we did not intend and backfire. Our children frequently show us reflections of ourselves, sometimes without our awareness. When we are unconscious to this process, we tend to react to what we see them doing–often in negative ways. Those of us that feel we are more “spiritually enlightened” than our parents were, might act on the strong impulse to minister spiritual values to our children through lecture. But modeling is the most powerful form of teaching. We want our children to behave when we are not around in a similar way as when we are. Thus, it’s no secret that when an autocratic parent or teacher leaves the room, the ballyhoo starts when the dictator energy is not in the immediate area to “rule with an iron fist.”

In our global village, we are curious to see whether our Imperial friends in Congress will vote for discrimination or level the workplace playing field for our GLBTQ brothers and sisters with the Employment Non-Discrimination Act. Will current leadership vote for more of George Orwell 1984 like technological surveillance in our lives or will we see more transparency in our relationships with business and government? Regarding the Monsanto Protection Act, our hats off to Connecticut when our beloved Constitution State became the first state to pass a GE labeling law. Before we proliferate Frankenfoods, shouldn’t we plant seeds into more organic farming methods, where we pay our environmentally conscious farmers a livable wage for doing the right thing that is in alignment with Mother Nature? And let’s call a spade a spade here . . . Dumping raw sewage in any community on Earth is discriminatory. Why do we still have communities divided by railroad tracks and other barriers to equality? “Can’t we all just get along?” We humans have really struggled with coexistence. It is time to move forward into an awareness of mutual aid in our relationships with one another. Imagine a foxy world where a freedom fighter like Natan Blanc can freely come out into the open field for being a conscientious objector, rather than be locked up in prison by a criminal Empire.

When we respect our self and others, we disarm our entanglement with ego and allow Spirit to manifest in our physical vessels. Being with Fox is not about hiding or being sneaky, although that is working its energy in the negative. Rather, working with the energy of Fox in the positive is staying on track and being discrete within our own footsteps, without stepping on the toes of another. When we wake up to the reality of inner peace, we know a Higher quality of respect than what the lower vibration of what fear and violence yields. Becoming an embodiment of inner peace sows the seeds of love that cross-pollinate across the plane of our beloved Mother Earth.

See you further on down the trails,


Trotting With Fox

After waxing on a bit of a lather during a waning run recently, I noticed a Fox not noticing me as She crossed the road with a fresh kill in Her mouth.  Some kind of rodent, maybe it was a Mouse or a Rat, but admittedly I couldn’t quite zone in enough to attend to the detail or shrewd enough to say for sure. Whatever Nervous Woodland Creature (NWC) it was, perhaps it was down with ‘investing in loss’, less wily  than Fox, let go of a fight and accepted the ‘death of the old self’ without going Straight Outta Woodland. As it were, I remained camouflaged until Fox became aware of me at the border area to the wetlands and scurried away to secure its catch.  I wonder if Ralph Ellison was inspired by his Fox totem when he wrote Invisible Man?

I remember when I was in the woods a while back for a spell, just coming out of my meditation, as I observed Fox trotting merely a stone’s toss from me without flickering an eye as it passed me by. Given Her keen sense of smell and heightened capacity for discrimination and discernment (and my doubly large energy field), Fox’s Sacred Feminine energy is teaching me well in learning Merlin’s skills of concealment, as I learn to fade into the background and adjust my aura to the social environment accordingly (without giving up my power or taking someone else’s). And then a Blue Jay did a ‘fly by’ and rang like a ‘bell of mindfulness’ that I’d rather be a True Wizard than a master illusionist. Moreover, a Grasshopper’s quantum leap reminded me to venture out and take some risks in order to evolve and broadly jump forward.  In blazing my own trail, especially as We approach Fall, I am encouraged to release my fears of leaving others behind and fall back, while springing forward–for there is always freewill and what works for others probably won’t work for me and vice versa.  And then a Praying Mantis encouraged me to listen to my Inner Voice and remember Star Wars Jedi Qwi Gong Jin and spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle’s combined wisdom to quiet my mind, heed stillness, continue to cultivate my internal martial arts practice vis-a-vis remembering to breathe in ‘Righteous Chi’ . . . a walking meditation that is nothing to sneeze at during these changing seasons.

Finally, while recently watching “bush TV” in my backyard garden, I glanced up from the fire and gazed at the glowing Moon illuminating the golden Black Eyed Susan reflecting back my way. I could smell my fragrant flowering consciousness blooming in my own inner garden, even as Summer’s petals paradoxically wilt away.  In the Spirit of nocturnal power, Fox reinforces to Us that We can become the change we want to see by cutting back to Inner Peace, walking with joy in Our steps and following Our bliss.  As We rapidly approach and soon pass the transient Autumn Equinox and Light and Dark become equal as One . . . dare We enjoy the waning Light, welcome the forthcoming Dark and turn Our focus “Yinward”.  When We open Ourselves up to trotting in step with Fox’s tracks, We open up to allowing Ourselves to tap into Our creative energy and act from a heartfelt Inner Space. My encounter with Fox reminds me to be an open conduit for the Universe to flow through my human form in a way that represents Oneness, Diversity in Unity and sheds light on the shadowy veils that try to keep Us in Plato’s Cave. Now, isn’t that Foxy Aquarian footing out of this world?  Excuse me, while I kiss the sky . . .

I Hopi You are well,