Remembering Past Family Members

Humanity is grieving the loss of Nelson Mandela – one of our great fraternity brothers on the forefront of our movement into a flowering New Age. It is hard to say good-bye to our loved ones that have passed on. In the letting-go, I am grateful for his energy and look forward to his spirit breaking out and shedding even more light on our Planet and Universe. Sadly, society is frequently put in the position of taking away freedom from those who cannot handle it. But for some free thinking individuals like brother Mandela, he was unjustly crucified for decades for breaking the rules by doing the right thing as a freedom fighter. I particularly appreciate his understanding that regardless of what was taken from him, he refused to allow his soulful attitude to be stolen. Regardless of how small his jail cell, he knew he was in charge of his attitude about the cards he was dealt. Part of being human is to indulge in a little self-pity once in a while. However, too much self-possession sneaks us into the portal of a Martyr. Did he not have the patience of Turtle while he walked this Earth? But like any enlightened Being or good role model, our task is to emulate the experience of inner peace rather than being seduced into the dogma of putting our guru onto a pedestal. Part of being human is learning to honor our imperfections. Otherwise, unwelcome disappointments will overwhelm our souls like a flash flood.

In much the same way as Gandhi, Nelson Mandela lead the cavalry by stampeding the institutional segregation system known around the globe as Apartheid. Isn’t it interesting that phonetically, Apartheid is pronounced as “apart hate”. Around Kindergarten, we learn to make judgments about our differences from one another as inferior or superior – My skin tone is different from that other kid, so that must mean that I am either better or worse and perhaps justified in hating him or her for that, goes the indoctrinated and typically unconscious belief system. It is a learned behavior. Our old world has not let go of this kind of programming just yet – although there is a burning desire to do so. Can you feel the Earth’s anger at that? Mandela’s death synchronizes with our dying old world of the perceived polarity of separation of “us” and “them”, heroes and villains, friends and enemies. Awareness reveals the yin and yang are always dancing with one another. Within our Being, we have the opportunity to look upon this sensuous feminine and masculine tango as energetic soul mates showing one another a mirror that reflects back parts of our greater whole – diverse expressions within our Unity. Where the sunlight dominates, the dark night is merely kneeling beneath her bounty. While poly amorous encounters might provide short-term extroverted happy endings – flirting with more introverted lovemaking probably leads to clearer forecasts and less dark and stormy weather down yonder.

While taking communion with the Full Moon and Winter Solstice coming up, we look forward to the light increasing thereafter. The reptilian-brain position of viewing ourselves as separate and disconnected from one another embodies a developmentally delayed way of looking at our world. While this dirge is a real position, it is not the position. Those of us that stay in that place have become comfortably numb with this familiar funeral parlor. You could even say it feels safe, even though it is a traumatic place to live. Our future plight as a human family, global and Universally Eco-sensitive community rests on learning to emulate the likes of Nelson Mandela and others that walk in “the Way, the Light and the Truth”. We all need to bring in more inner peace into our world. We all need a sense of security and belonging. At the end of the day, inner peace will only come from within – even though it abounds without.

Wishing You Infinite Inner Peace,


Dancing to the rhythmic drumbeat of Grouse

I remember a Grouse milling about along a border area recently and it reminded me of a time when I saw one of its kind “shake, rattle and roll” by leading a group of bystanders away from its children, as it did a mystical figure 8 dance.  Can’t You hear Its rapturous lyrics, “Grouse . . . of the sacred spiral, leading Us on, to reach the everlasting heights, where We can live as One”?

During the waning of Groundhog Day and the Imbolc and the waxing on of the Moon . . . if We are paying attention to the subtleties of Mother Nature, then We are keenly aware that the seeds underground are starting to think about coming up.  Energetically, spring is beginning right now as winter is fading and light is returning.  May We find a bounce in Our giddy up as We Spring forth the Equinox on March 20th.  I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I noticed a Grouse at this time calling out to me, given that Grouse medicine’s Sacred Spiral symbolizes personal power.  I wonder if Tony Robbins tapped into his Grouse totem when he started his Personal Power! series?  Moreover, Grouse’s dancing evokes a sense of personal vision and enlightenment as We learn to walk the center of a circle in a figure 8, the sign of Infinity to induce a trance through dance in the drumbeat of Our Heart’s footsteps.  I can see Kevin Bacon’s character in Footloose tapping his feet to Mother Earth’s drumbeat, as he reads a passage from the Bible about the power of dance to commune with Great Spirit, though as I recall expressing it differently than I.  What’s that about Diversity within Unity?  As We shuffle onward, Grouse’s spiraling dancing has the potential to help Us take flight by linking masculine and feminine energies (yin and yang, light and dark) so within as without, as above, so below.  Further, Grouse medicine reveals the process of transcending Our humanity vis-a-vis accessing presence during the robotic doings of Our daily walk.  Merely a simple shift in awareness, in allowing Our Selves to be more present in a heartfelt space, We are afforded the opportunity to transmutes a rote doing experience into a Golden One, by shifting internally and aligning with Nature’s Pulse organically.

Here on Channel Tao, I might not be Dancing with the Stars.  But my way of “gittin’ jiggy with it” is to go out ‘neath a Starry Night, while taichi dancing around a figure eight, simultaneously playing with my new light saber.  I realize my way of dancing may be a bit unique, but perhaps Yours is too.  Though I’m not keeping score, I’m happy with an 8, while I’m wishing all of you a perfect 10!  Will Tom Brady stay calm in the pocket and allow his psychic abilities to be more tuned in as he reads complex defensive fronts and spirals away from Giants singing to the tune of, “fee fi foe fum . . . ?”  If You are watching the Big Game on Sunday, one concrete way to shift from a robotic experience to an Enlightening experience is to let go of outcome and just watch, without judgment and let whatever comes up for You to pass with care.  Who knows, by allowing the game to unfold as it Will, your experience with it might just be Super–and not intercepted by any unwelcome feelings that may arise.  Also, please consider indulging in the Full Moon on Tuesday, February 7 and digesting the energies It has to offer You this time around.

I Hopi You are well,