Weathering Climate Change

We stand in the courts wit the clowns
A Coyote sits on the outskirts of town
Farmers dry soil yielded a shortage of crops
But resilient cannabis got some peeps busted by the cops
Doctors swooped in with legal Eagles from the State
Serving subscriptions of prescriptions done changed our fate
And those IRS Feds still squander my tax rate

We stand on the doorstep of an Aquarian Age
Nanosecond transactions got the market in a manic rage
Alien technology drains water and jobs
Corporate media floods our teles with opportunistic commercial mobs
Mental health experts called in to assess intra-psychic states
Serving opinions of self fulfilled fate
And in spite of our differences honey, I’m glad you’re my mate

Changing tides across fruited plains
Got pundits reptilian grins bickering bout climate change
Inflated taxes and budget cuts got folks in a rage
But sharing our resources means our survival in a New Age
FEMA came to town to clean up a chaotic state
But survivalist paranoia is stuck in its hate
And those IRS Feds still squander my tax rate

Big Brother is here to preserve our Republic
Power to the People is a mantra to the public
Meditation is key to sit with what is
Reflection of Self is our spiritual biz
Picture a waterfall to clear your mind
Clean self-care ritual to help you unwind
And in spite of our differences honey, I’m glad you’re my mate

Isn’t That Obvious?

Isn’t That Obvious?

Blue is my hue today,
blinded by arrogance and green so you say.
Save me a soul by sellin’ your lies,
sailin’ away to far away spaces way high up in the sky.
Chariots of fire are the gods you see,
pullin’ puppet master strings of you and me.

And pushin’ their rule by secrecy . . .

A blast is heard from far away,
repeated by the talkin’ head objectively.
The sound’s been bit-sweet as candy . . .
Seen with my own eyes, while I perceive reality.
Cause it’s right there on T.V.

As seen on Fox News last night . . .

Spin doctors writing prescriptions,
but I don’t understand their indications.
And it wasn’t the first time folks . . .
Cuz propaganda is as propaganda does.

Now the scrolls teach us our souls,
are beyond the tolls of our roles . . .

And that includes . . .

Our Constitution, Bible, Koran, Cabala and the Book of the Dead . . .
Our academic institutions and their textbooks . . .
Our tax dollars that buy ’em.
Our corporations that make, market and sell ’em.
Our teachers that use ’em in their lesson plans.

And any interpretation of it . . .