Grouse in the House

How do we abolish racial, and class inequalities?

Might as well say yes on the inside, while voting no on the outside
to the institutional reality of social injustice

But that takes an authentic look at your position of privilege
Sometimes, it’s hard to know what it’s like on the bottom,
when you’re sitting on top of the perch

Say it with me, and say it loud . . .

Peace in, and peace out to the complexities of the profiling ways of aggressive
military-industrial forces of maximum economic profit driven crowds

Whereas, in the acknowledgement, the healing begins with an open and
denial free approach to a shadowy world order of
modern slavery that blacks out the masses

As an earthling, of the overwhelming majority,
does it not make too much sense to promote meaningful work,
provide livable wages, with paid vacation, sick time,
and equal access to quality health care?

If we can make big expensive bombs, and satellite dishes,
then we can improve on our devolutionary systems in place,
move beyond life supports, and truly transform
into something beautiful by just all getting along, and spreading the love

No need to attach labels to this kind of free thinking
We are moving into a New Age of We Consciousness

Collaboration is ancient wisdom that tells stories that speak of
what is good for the Goose is good for the Gander

Harmony is being reintroduced as becoming a New Normal Mindset

Bottom line profit margins evolve into an ancient
taoist spiritual philosophy of investing in loss . . .

How do we make friends with divided Bear and Bull Markets?
Is there a Middle Way that transforms winners and losers?

At our core, we are formless, energetic beings of light that
become hip the vibe that we walk in the dark night of our souls

We should all be proud of the primal,
creative nature of our inner black soul power!

And in working with the darkness of feminine energy,
awaken to the potential to energize our bodies into luminous beings of light

Beneath the surface, we are all the color of water . . .

Meditate on the black and white synergy of the yin and the yang
Masculine and feminine energies work together with transformational equality

Access your personal power by walking in a figure 8 sign of infinity
to link-up connection with Heaven and Earth

Focus on positive interpretations by seeing blessings that are disguised by curses

Autumn Equinox is arriving in later September . . .

Eclipse season will be waning then
Light and Dark energies become equally balanced again

Race, like the yin and the yang, are always in flux and trying to find balance

Folks of mixed race, on physical appearance alone,
might invite a garden variety of reactions, including judgements by others

The god of opinion, thought police, and the voice in the head
perhaps wants you to believe you are what it says you are . . .

But you don’t need to carry that cross
Put it down, and let it go . . .

We shall overcome societal perspectives that divides into segregated boxes
that peddle folklore that we are either inferior or superior to one another

May we celebrate our diversity and unity in our consciousness

Notice any guilt and shame that might come up for you
and examine it with the light of heaven and the grounding matter of earth

The chattering monkey mind of anxiety
will drive you into madness if you let it

Remember to unplug, and take a step back from the world’s ills for a spell . . .

Connect with the synergy of good friends, and be outside together

Hear the wind blowing in the leaves, crickets singing, birds chirping

What do they have to say to you?

Till next time along the trails,


Busy as a Bee

Bees are symbolic of the sun and his spirited energies . . .

A wake up call to drink in Life’s honey through the
Power of Love, fertility, industry and sexuality

A Tribe Called Bee represents . . .
Groupwork and the power of community –
Without sacrificing our individuality by getting stuck in hive mentality

Working in masculine drones, bees epitomize a strong work ethic –
A parallel process to humanity’s conservative Labor Movement
Queens rule the roost – so their society hints at matriarchal
Paradoxically their culture is hierarchical

The top-down world we live in has roots that are deeply planted
In the underground of our subconscious minds
But Nature has strong leveling impulses to a
Cross-Pollinate a more equitable New Earth
Where flowering power is shared

We dream of a world that does not give liberal affirmative action
To only those with big bank accounts
Out of the primordial, feminine darkness . . .
Dreams of an egalitarian planetary consciousness –
Are wanting to come out and dance in the sunlight

Past Bruce now Caitlyn Jenner’s transformation
Reveals our cultural sprint toward
Crossing over into the shores of celebrating diversity in Unity

Do yo need to examine your own sexuality or your attitudes toward sex in general?

We are healing our polarity

The sting of political correctness glosses over deeper issues with
Superficial “life support systems”
But flying with a playful sense of humor
Sees the light behind this black comedy of errors

Class War is as hot as ever
Fueled by a well-oiled but dirty and unsustainable Stock Exchange
Old World “tinder boxes” are ready to ignite
These are dangerously fiery times we are living in

Movement into a New Age and Paradigm flows into
Rising tides of strong feminine power
We are leaving behind a dominant patriarchical world view
that fears the Sacred Feminine

But the dark night of yin wants to come out of the closet and express herself
This does not mean “sugar and spice and everything nice”

Nor does it mean reacting to our emotions
with stinging volatility or closeted elegant repression

We are witnessing a mass exodus of Bees
Genocide by poisonous pesticides
But they do return once we stop using these toxins

A planet without bees is a world without flowers and fruits
Talk about a buzz killer

“A good worker is a happy worker”

Like bees, humans know there is power in numbers . . .
Dig in to unearth a deeper message beneath the command –
“Be fruitful and multiply”

Are you working too much or not being industrious enough?
Are you taking time to smell the roses and enjoy the fruits of your labor?

Let us spread Love by ringing the Liberty Bell of equality
Get up and stand up to corporate power by asserting that our
Big Businesses should literally stop “killing it” –
It is time to let go of a bottom line intention of maximum economic profits

Bee are helpful guides in the pursuit of our dreams
Sunlight is rising toward its summit on Summer Solstice later on this month
Masculine-Light-Yang is action oriented
Reflecting Nature’s pole vault toward outer growth

See you further on up the trails,


Bear Like Me Revisited

For those participatory audience members in the theater of life, you might remember that I wrote about Bear medicine in last week’s blog installment.  Given the girth of Bear’s energy, I am still digesting the omnivorous experience.  In the spirit of that, I climbed a tree yesterday, watched the ripples of the river from atop a branch and tasted the sweetness of the life’s honey from a higher vantage point (my wife and child might have a different version after I climbed back down, returned to the den and was stoked by the grounding reality of being a husband and parent again).  Does anyone else out there remember climbing trees as a kid?  If there was something to climb and then jump off and free fall, then I did it.  Back then, the School of Hard Knox delivered plenty of concrete reminders about grounding me back to Earth.  Some of us outgrow such childish behavior and become sensible adults.  Others, fall out of a tree like I once did and subsequently choose to set a clear, Confucian rules throughout their journey to “never do that again”.  But then there are those of us that are more like Herons and find it within ourselves to find the security to follow our own path through creative trial and error.  Yes, the naturalistic social scientist geek in me realizes that there is a realm of predictability, patterns and cause and effect, which is wise to pay attention to and master. 

However, as the deep seeing mystics understood and a growing number of folks in the scientific community are beginning to “prove” the existence of mythical realms once thought fantastic.  Here, a “hidden” realm beyond the Law of Karma, where the Quantum world of Infinity awaits us, if only we allow ourselves to transcend boxed in mind-sets and the robotic doings of life.  Bear reminds us of a Map of Consciousness, where infinite possibilities await when one authentically opens up to it in with respect to boundaries of self and others.  During this process, folks feel this alternative form of energy, whether realized or not, and the planet and beyond benefit from mutual aid.  As we transition from a dying old world into a New Age and Paradigm, it is not without the labor pains of the birthing process.  I know Summer is a hot time, particularly in the Northern Hemisphere and we all feel the heat from the Americas, planetary consciousness and the Universe throughout.  In fact, our reptilian friends in Congress are already trying to scale back health care reform and big money is being seriously greedy by blocking Chicago factory workers from buying their own place of employment.  Here in Maine, L.L. Bean flexed their muscles by ignoring a petition by a family farm and local rural residents to stop fireworks from lighting up a family farm that scared the daylights out of both domestic and wild animals.  I could hear a mourning dove singing a spiritual protest song during my morning jog.  I wonder what small business advocate Newt Gingrich thinks about these examples of liberal excesses of the Corporate Welfare State?  What might Newt have to say about “Merica” and Her tendency toward enabling Multinational Corporations to over indulge in Socialist strategic alliances that violate every conceivable Free Market principal?  Putting Newt aside, I wonder if the Corporate Media and educated business class barely skipped a beat when the Top Dawgs in the 1% held meetings behind closed doors to lead the charge to criminalize the freedom of the internet?  Being a bit of an empath, I understand the outlook of the Opulent Minority quite well.  I realize that, for many in this privileged class, Earth is a playground where there are winners and losers and the winners should be able to play at will, without any accountability.  Many among this ilk believe that Healthcare is a privilege and not a right.  But while I empathize with their plight, I disagree with it.  There is enough and we can all win.  No human is superior or inferior to any other human and/or sentient being. 

Now I realize my voice may fly below the radar, but I am also expressing sentiments in concert with the overwhelming majority.  It isn’t always easy being a free-spirited dreamer, but I know I’m not the only one.  My garden variety of friends are teaching me that the salt of the Earth, the movers and shakers are the ones who till it.  In my spirited dance, my plea to the Opulent Minority and the rest of us is that we all must be caretakers of our own internal gardens here on Classroom Mothership Earth.  It is good medicine to share and to release judgments on your neighbor.  So what if the USA and Israel have more Goliath like military might than the David’s of the world?  Does that mean we should use it for preemptive strikes and systemic bullying?  Just because IBM had the technology to allow for the precise profiling for the Nazis to strategically execute the atrocities of the Holocaust, does the ends of profitable business justify the horrific means?  Bear encourages us to stand our ground.  The more of us that freely tap into the energy of Bear medicine will become the Critical Mass that will help humanity stay afloat and effectively navigate into an unchartered New World together.

Stay True,