Diving with Loon into the depths of the Soul

Loons give their Penguin friends a swim for their bills in their depository to dive deeply into the water’s abyss.  Winter is a time that we turn yinward and dive deeper into our soulful inner sea of consciousness.  Winter and water represent feminine energy, the dark Yin on the Chinese symbol of the Yin and Yang.  Loon medicine helps us wake up to lucid dreaming or becoming more conscious of our dreams and visions.  Paying attention to our dreams helps us take a reflective look at our waking lives and empowers us to living more authentically.  We all dream, whether we remember our dreams or not.  If we want to have more of a say in our lives, then it stands to reason that we might take note of what our dreams are saying to us.  Winter also represents darkness and the death cycle in Nature.  Mother Earth’s heartbeat slows down at this time. Given that we are a living embodiment of Nature, we are meant to slow down too.  However, many of us have a tendency to resist our natural internal orientation during Winter by trying to stay up in our activity level.  Although balance is always important, your soul will know the deeper acoustics of harmony if you allow yourself a bit more rest and get in touch with the deeper feelings that accompany Winter’s energies of death, grief and loss.  Now is the time when our dreams and visions germinate, somewhat akin to the seeds underground that are beginning to start thinking about waking up as we approach the Chinese-Lunar New Year in early February.  Like buds on our trees, the dreams and visions we are pregnant with now will begin to fruit around the Spring Equinox in March and their manifestation power intensifies as we approach the Summer Solstice in June.

In modern society, especially here in America we get pretty fired up about our guns.  Many folks are citing our Constitutional right to bear arms and some even openly carry a piece by asserting their right to do that and don’t see anything alarming about it.  During my childhood, I grew up in Michigan–boy do we really love our guns there.  Some folks believe that having a gun will keep them safe.  But we have more gun related deaths, many accidental within the privacy of one’s own home, than anywhere else on the Planet.  The NRA is a powerful organization with a lot of money to assault our friends in Congress to shoot down sensible gun control laws.  We have a chock full of military style weapons that end up in the wrong hands out on the street where there are dangers of bullying, desperation and poor impulse control.  Since we love our wars, the resistance energy behind the mind-set of war predictably promotes more storms brewing ahead.  Instead of real homeland security and crime prevention by funneling our resources into positive community connections, treatment, education, healthcare, infrastructure and creating good jobs for the 20 million folks who want to work, our leaders balk at this by concentrating monies at the top of the food chain.  Beef:  It’s what’s for dinner.  I remember visiting my dad as a kid and on some of those visits, he taught me to shoot a 22 by the time I was 6 years old.  Although my dad liked to shoot from the hip and lacked an adequate understanding of childhood development, I do appreciate that he was strict about teaching me the basics about gun safety.  Guns symbolize power and security, but they often manifest danger.  Those of us in touch with our deeper feelings are  grieving the terrible tragedy that happened in Connecticut recently.  I once lived in Connecticut and still have close friends there, so the tragedy has weighed heavy on my heart.  But in the grieving process of this tragedy, I know in my heart that it will lead to an awakening as we move onward.  Even in death, there is rebirth.  I have gone through this process many, many times.  Haven’t we all?

When swimming with Loon, we dive deeper into our souls, as our collective consciousness shifts onward.  Instead of God Bless America or Allah Bless Muslims, we dream God Bless Mother Earth and all living creatures.  Loon helps us understand the depth of our connection to the Dreamtime and reminds us we are all cut from the same cloth of Great Spirit.  Creator’s original Blueprint was a loving One.  Sadly, but understandably, that got distorted.  Given that we are all a reflection of that image, meditation on Loon helps us perceive this in our Being and make friends with that.  We are all living embodiments of All That Is.  Since we are all One, albeit diverse expressions of that oneness, killing someone else is ultimately directed at the self.  Although this truth is mind-boggling, I came to a point where this made sense to me intellectually.  But now I am arriving at a deeper intuitive understanding of this truth in my Heart.  That is why we speak of killing with kindness.  When we come out of our inner peace bubble and remember that there are no enemies, then we truly co-create a New Earth together one step, one breath, one moment at a time.

Stay True,


When Bugged by my Lady, I remember to hear the Beetles

I remember hearing my wife calling out my name recently, excitedly telling me a story about a Ladybug presenting itself to her in just the right moment during her journey right Tao, here on Mothership Earth.  Moreover, my partner also shared that she was particularly bug-eyed after unearthing her newfound Lady friend, by unexpectedly hearing a Beetles earworm during the Darkness of Winter, here in Northern New England. 

Among the Beetles that strike a chord within are Ladybugs, whom bugify the process of change by morphing from an egg to a grub and finally taking flight as a winged creature.  In the drumbeat of life, Ladybugs hit the symbols of transmutation, reincarnation and new life.  Isn’t it poignant that Groundhog Day is coming down the pike, just after the arrival of the Chinese New Year of the Dragon on January 23, 2012?  I get all fired up, starry-eyed and a Moon-glow just seeing it in my Third Eye!  Don’t Ladybugs and the rest of the Beetles remind Us of the ancient wisdom that asserts “as above, so below”, in that they became associated with the Sun’s movement across the sky, given their rolling from East to West.  “You may say that I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.”  Perhaps Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. tapped into his Ladybug totem when he practiced peaceful, non-violent acts of civil disobedience, while sowing the seeds of Love.  In his letting go of his attachment to his human shell, he understood that doing the right thing might be the death of him. 

Further, isn’t it possible that Ladybugs are here in part to encourage Us to shapeshift Our human psyches to see Life in a different Light?  Aren’t Ladybug energies akin to Virgo energy, given their practical, nurturing, protective and family oriented tendencies?  When Ladybug lights your way, perhaps She’s bugging you to let go of the devilish pests of Yesterday and nudging You to unearth buried treasures, wishes, magic, spirituality and engage in soul-searching.   And nothing against the business of Bugbusters, but maybe an agreement with Ladybug and Beetle consciousness will reveal spiritual truths that have not yet become visible to your distorted human filter.  From this perspective, perhaps it’ll buy Us time, save Us money and reduce Our carbon footprint.  Like my Chinese acupuncture friend asserts, “in West, answer is to kill . . . don’t always have to kill everything.”  When I meditate on Ladybug, I resurrect Our Human Race’s plight by reminding myself to shuffle in the sink as I do my ‘Spirited Uncle Tom Dance’ to the powers that were with their developmentally delayed ways–while carrying a genuine smile on my face and staying light on my feet!  And while Playing Guitar, I’ll fret not . . . as evidenced by this writing, I’m already tuned in–and Bugged!

I Hopi You are well,