A Pelican State of Being

Pelican flies into our daily meditations
Offering deeper glimpses into our soul power

Their energy inspires us to release judgments to the Universe

Picture sending them out into far out black hole vortexes
Where they are transmuted into healing rays of light

Perhaps you have judgments about grieving the death of Winter
Given that you have been anxiously awaiting the arrival Spring
Are you feeling depressed about these changes –
Or not allowing organic feelings mulch as they may?

But season’s change and so do we
Nature shows us that everything is transitory, fleeting and ephemeral

Sometimes, what seems like a curse is merely a hidden blessing
in a brilliant disguise

Holding on to our judgments, like emotions
leads to blockages in our bodies – like stagnant water

Clearing stuck energy sows seeds of Love
Blazing new pathways that want to grow into our spirits, minds . . .
eventually taking root in our bodies

So it is important to listen to our bodies
Because it leads us through the theatrical chatter of our minds

To the realm of spirit . . .
Where there is so much help available to us, if only we ask

Remember that Love is patient and kind
But if you don’t believe that
then so it shall be done unto you

Our pain is real
But suffering is a choice

May your pain lead you toward a letting go and a surrendering
to the will of the Universe

Secure your footing in your own personal authority
The time is now to take back our projections

Returning to an intrinsic heart-space of Love
Here we enter into a light-hearted portal of inner peace
Soothing yourself without bringing in the Calvary

Pelicans reveal balancing competition and cooperation when catching fish
Leaving behind a fixed idea that competition must equal maximum economic profit
or that cooperation means socialism, communism
or any other dirty fixed ideas that have locked us up in toxicity and stagnation

Meditation on forgiveness
is really about understanding that you win on the inside
when you choose to forgive
There is levitation in the release of judgements

You can let your judgements go
and your spiritual power will grow

Consider examining your own judgments . . .
Are you willing to scuba dive beneath
the surface of your anger and emotional negativity?
And whatever stories you attach to those vibrations?

Our old world is falling through the cracks
Its crevices are splitting with judgments that some
people are oriented in ways that are superior or inferior to others

Is the top socioeconomic 1% entitled to greater welfare than the rest of us?
Do we value masculinity more than femininity?
Or the opposite side of the same coin?
Should we be protecting dirty policies that trash our planet?

This is not to say that we should not celebrate pride in our diversity
But a New Age needs a strong foundation of Oneness and Unity
Where we can breathe in fresh air of planetary equanimity

See you further on up the trails,


Chip Off The Old Munk

Gathering and hoarding for forthcoming seasonal storage
Autumn into Winter is a time for burrowing and hibernation

Industry, efficiency and determination traits aid in
Financial planning and security for rainy day funds

Astrological Eclipse Season yields paradoxical intensities
To usual gentle Yinward subtle energies.

While keeping an eye on our Federal Reserve
Prosperity symbol and investments are hopefully coming soon to a theater near you
Simultaneously attachments to possessions and equanimity are wise to let go of

Versatility, quick-witted, high energy, sociability
Mixes well with relaxation and exercise energetically

Do you need to get down to business?

Are you working hard enough or do you need to lighten up your load?

Conservatism is good medicine when applied to save and protect our resources
Increasing our thrift and efficiency with time, talents and money.

Being playful with light-hearted sense of detachment opens doors of intimacy
Heartfelt connections serve as relationship enhancers.

Appreciation is an empathic-centered state of mind.

Keeping our eye on the horizon. But not at the expense of the present moment.
Regardless of how nerve-wracking or anxiety provoking an experience may unfold.

Learning to move with fluidity and grace.
During the dance floor of life.

See you further on up the trails,


Trotting With Fox

After waxing on a bit of a lather during a waning run recently, I noticed a Fox not noticing me as She crossed the road with a fresh kill in Her mouth.  Some kind of rodent, maybe it was a Mouse or a Rat, but admittedly I couldn’t quite zone in enough to attend to the detail or shrewd enough to say for sure. Whatever Nervous Woodland Creature (NWC) it was, perhaps it was down with ‘investing in loss’, less wily  than Fox, let go of a fight and accepted the ‘death of the old self’ without going Straight Outta Woodland. As it were, I remained camouflaged until Fox became aware of me at the border area to the wetlands and scurried away to secure its catch.  I wonder if Ralph Ellison was inspired by his Fox totem when he wrote Invisible Man?

I remember when I was in the woods a while back for a spell, just coming out of my meditation, as I observed Fox trotting merely a stone’s toss from me without flickering an eye as it passed me by. Given Her keen sense of smell and heightened capacity for discrimination and discernment (and my doubly large energy field), Fox’s Sacred Feminine energy is teaching me well in learning Merlin’s skills of concealment, as I learn to fade into the background and adjust my aura to the social environment accordingly (without giving up my power or taking someone else’s). And then a Blue Jay did a ‘fly by’ and rang like a ‘bell of mindfulness’ that I’d rather be a True Wizard than a master illusionist. Moreover, a Grasshopper’s quantum leap reminded me to venture out and take some risks in order to evolve and broadly jump forward.  In blazing my own trail, especially as We approach Fall, I am encouraged to release my fears of leaving others behind and fall back, while springing forward–for there is always freewill and what works for others probably won’t work for me and vice versa.  And then a Praying Mantis encouraged me to listen to my Inner Voice and remember Star Wars Jedi Qwi Gong Jin and spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle’s combined wisdom to quiet my mind, heed stillness, continue to cultivate my internal martial arts practice vis-a-vis remembering to breathe in ‘Righteous Chi’ . . . a walking meditation that is nothing to sneeze at during these changing seasons.

Finally, while recently watching “bush TV” in my backyard garden, I glanced up from the fire and gazed at the glowing Moon illuminating the golden Black Eyed Susan reflecting back my way. I could smell my fragrant flowering consciousness blooming in my own inner garden, even as Summer’s petals paradoxically wilt away.  In the Spirit of nocturnal power, Fox reinforces to Us that We can become the change we want to see by cutting back to Inner Peace, walking with joy in Our steps and following Our bliss.  As We rapidly approach and soon pass the transient Autumn Equinox and Light and Dark become equal as One . . . dare We enjoy the waning Light, welcome the forthcoming Dark and turn Our focus “Yinward”.  When We open Ourselves up to trotting in step with Fox’s tracks, We open up to allowing Ourselves to tap into Our creative energy and act from a heartfelt Inner Space. My encounter with Fox reminds me to be an open conduit for the Universe to flow through my human form in a way that represents Oneness, Diversity in Unity and sheds light on the shadowy veils that try to keep Us in Plato’s Cave. Now, isn’t that Foxy Aquarian footing out of this world?  Excuse me, while I kiss the sky . . .

I Hopi You are well,


Barefoot In The Woods

While flying solo in the woods recently, I considered whether or not I’d bring my Aboriginal didgeridoo (bought in USA made in Indonesia) to blow in the wind. However, I shifted gears and opted for a standard low tech experience and ‘invested in loss’ by passing on carrying a big stick.  After finding a favorite hiding spot, I settled into a somewhat ‘Lotus’ meditation position and enjoyed significant encounters with Turtle and brother Frog and Frog (remember T.V. classic Newhart and characters Larry, Darryl and Darryl?).  Although Turtle was alive and well, I couldn’t detect any movement in the hour or so I watched Her–even with my Grandmother’s trusted field glasses.  In the spirit of the Art of Persuasion, I invite folks to bow to the wisdom of Turtle and Her knowledge of patience and longevity and Frog’s beat boxing of forthcoming changes in weather patterns.  Wood You Bee Leave that I heard many Ma’ Chuckin’ Nervous Woodland Creature (NWC) peeping their version of The Boss, “when I’m out in the trails, tweet, tweet, tweet . . . I stick where I want to stick.”

Coincidentally, my shared encounters with Frog and Turtle represent linkages to the Moon and Tides and portals into the Faerie Realm.  With my trusted faggot of Tibetan incense sticks to burn, I put a little Fairy Creme on my face to set the mood.  As I listened to Frog and Turtle, I heard the lyrics, “I miss the rains down in Africa . . . can’t you hear, can’t you hear the thunder, you better run, you better take cover . . .  rock me mama like the wind and the rain . . . (and) here comes the story of the hurricane.”  And while I may no longer be physically residing in Australia or Africa, I am protected by Mother’s shell, inspired to create life anew, welcoming the tears and rains as cleansing rituals to clear space for the shifting tides and changing seasons–hopefully without getting too washed out in the process, given tumultuous weather patterns (come on Irene) and a splitting Comet Elenin.  By calling on Frog, we invoke its medicine to breathe in new life, live joyfully and harmoniously . . . cleansing ourselves of “any person, place, or thing that does not contribute to your new state of serenity and replenishment.” Soaking in a bathtub with a little sea salt and perhaps a few drops of lavender has a relaxing, cleansing and detoxifying effect.  Got a frog in your throat?  Please consider gargling with warm sea salt water to open up the capillaries. Spraying liquid from your mouth into a fire in the spirit of manifestation and/or letting go and more importantly gratitude has a powerful Shamanic cleansing effect as well, a la ‘out with the old, in with the new’.

Finally, please consider Turtle’s patient and kind reminders for Us to stay slow and low in the tempo of life.  Given how nuts things can get in the transition from Summer to Fall, Turtle inspires Us to allow the river to flow to Us, rather than trying to levy its waters.  By staying grounded and honoring Our Mother, We co-creatively build the New Earth together. In this process, “Turtle medicine can teach new perceptions about time and our relationship with it.”  I’ve also seen that it stimulates clairvoyance and heard it amplifies clairaudience, as well as improving Our capacity to smell the scents of Life in more discriminate ways.  It’s as if Turtle and Frog are beckoning Us to stop and smell the roses–even if it means hoppily standing in the rain once in a while.  And while noticing the flowers in your garden, please remember to soak in the magical Full Moon on Monday into your sea of consciousness.  I’m glowing already merely envisioning it in my Third Eye!

I Hopi You are well,