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Cat guides us whiskers first into a historically spirited
time of year in the Northern Hemisphere . . .

Ancestors might be revisiting you in spook free zones
Are you able to see from fearless perspectives in this New Moon?

May we bear witness to a metaphorical thinning of the veils
between spirit and material realms

Cat’s curious eye sees when to step back and watch before pouncing . . .
Their energy is good medicine for responding versus reacting to situations at hand

They seem to intuitively know how to live in the present moment . . .
Always ready to adjust themselves in extraordinary feminine fashion

Has the current American election season brought your
attachment to outcome and cauldron of negative emotions to the surface?

Express yourself!
Otherwise, a def jam of festering resentments booms from your base

Might as well let go of what you do not have control over
But fear of dark caves of unknowing can be terrifying for folks

Cats remind us of the mystery and magic in our Universe . . .
Energetic and sacred, you can’t always make sense out of what is arriving

It’s easier to see dark and stormy weather
and forget that the sun still hides in spots maybe shady to the conscious mind

Black symbolizes primal movement into the dark . . .

Daylight savings time ends, as days get darker until the
Winter Solstice after a long December

Become the ancestral energies that reawaken gospels of
light that fire up the blues within

May we remember the passing of our loved ones . . .
Pets and animals seem to instinctively know how to love us unconditionally

The Samhain marks the mid-point between Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice
It’s getting colder out, and some people hear chimes of winter blowing in the wind

See you further on up the trails,


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I remember when 2012 seemed so far out back in 1984. At that time, many folks had cut their Hair, stopped singing the ‘Age of Aquarius’ and STAR WARS gained popularity in the realms of fiction and non-fiction. However, in this ‘world of 10, 000 things’, the powers that were are still fomenting lustful desires of infiltration  and resisting movements that carry leveling impulses to challenge the status quo. However, in dreaming a New Dream, Our sea of consciousness is oscillating toward equilibrium. Here in the Northern Hemisphere, We turn yinward, being Our own Boss when caroling a chorus of Darkness On The Edge Of Town. Tis the season for Us to let go and express Our gratitude during Our darkest day of the year on Wednesday, December 21st, the Winter Solstice. Our ancestors knew the power of the energies of this time of year and remind Us to get in touch with it Now.

Although it is tempting to sing “Manic Monday” this week before the tail end of the Holiday Blitzkrieg, I’ll think of my cat purring on my neck like a warm winter welcome. Is it a synchronicity that I write about Cat this week as we enjoy the magic and mystery of the dark? Like Cat, We might sleep with one eye open, while ever ready to pounce into the New Year as We welcome the Light of Days. I remember a comic strip that showed a Grandmother figure feeding her dog and cat in separate captions. From the dog’s perspective, he had a think bubble that said something like, “she feeds me, takes care of my every need . . . she must be a god.” Juxtaposed below that, was the cat’s perspective that varied slightly in that she said something like, “she feeds me, takes care of my every need . . . I must be a god.” Isn’t that the difference between cats and dogs? Cats remind Us to access and acquire Our independence, curiosity, intelligence and playful sides–as well as seeing effectively in the dark. Cats are naturally gifted martial artists and meditation gurus and they guide Us toward an understanding of the mystery and magic available in everyday Life. When my cat gives me good energy at the end of the day, I remember, “These are the days we have waited for . . . This time in history is the time that every experience, each relationship, within every lifetime has prepared us for. Without doubt, without hesitation, the events occurring right now, within these days, are the reason that we have come to this world. We are living and witnessing a rare event by any standards, the birth of a New World. The events in our lives are the labor that is enabling this birth.”–Greg Braden, Awaken

Finally, I remember the spirit of this season is about giving and receiving and being Our Higher S(elves). It is a time to be thankful for Our time here, to let go and let God. I know We become comfortable with Our securities, but it is good medicine to gently let these securities pass in Our consciousness. The old world is dying, while a New World is birthing. I know We feel the labor pains, but in this waning year of the Rabbit, lettuce be reminded of a carrot of Light at the end of the tunnel as We venture out of Plato’s Cave. As I gaze upon Our global village, I remember an old saying that, “good fences make good neighbors”. I say We Venture out to flock among like minded birds, reinvent the wheel and let those old fences rust in peace and/or burn them in a ceremonial fire ritual.

I Hopi You are well,


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