Cardinal Whistles Wind Chimes of Virtuosity

Cardinal appears in our world today
As Father Sun just revealed a peak light experience
on a waning Summer Solstice

A Full Buck Moon runs through the sky trails ahead

Do you need a strong moral compass or a
yoke tattooed around your neck to be true to yourself?

Yang heats up his fires during the summer months
It is a time for outer growth and an action-oriented lifestyle

And yet, we are heading downhill now until light and dark
are equal again on Fall Equinox in September . . .

Can you sense seismic shifts of
Climate Change across the fruited plain?

As the world turns, may we remember the softness of
yin’s hands calm the nerves of anxiety ridden war mongering

May meditation on Cardinal’s whistles blow in the winds of change
that resonate with crystalline clarity in Mother Earth’s heart beat

See you up the trails,


When I think of Heaven, Deliver me in the Belly of a Red Winged Cardinal

Can you hear the whistle of Cardinal’s spirit blowing in the wind?
Are you feeling eclipsed by their virtuous and powerful archetypal footprint?

Mercury in Retrograde resurrects perpetually dead, albeit real call backs . . .
Our minds move away from rational, logical and linear recordings

Try not to get identified with any fixed ideas or repetitively negative mental tapes
Just examine them with an open, passive attitude and gently let them pass

A Full Moon coming soon yields a hearty seasonal Harvest . . .
What tremors will be seen, heard and felt across the fruited plains?

Feeling safe, comfortable and regulated will be challenged
But there is an opportunity for letting go and relaxing into seismic changes

Feminine yin power intensifies during the approach of the
Autumn Equinox this September

Back to school, back to business and getting organized is in the air!
But don’t let that drive you nuts . . .

A revival of old religious traditions co-mingles paradoxically with
listening to the messages of your True self and Inner Voice that
remind vitality is always here for you to allow in any given moment!

Climate Change, dark sorcery and violence plague our streets . . .
Breathing in chaotic storm fronts are painful to watch and hard on the lungs . . .

But where are you on the map of seeing a
Silver Lining Playbook and making only positive interpretations?

The black truth is that it can be hard to find Nirvana
within the chaotically deafening traffic jam of life!

Might as well strum the heartstrings of Oneness and
tune in to the key of Inner Peace!

See you further on up the trails,


Cardinal Virtues

I remember visiting the river recently, watching cardinals flocking together and featuring quite an aerial show.  Cardinals are beautiful birds and their cycle of power is year-round.  When flying with the energy of cardinal, we see that everything we do in our lives is important and we renew our life force or chi, if you will.  I like to think of cardinal as program development for the self.  Given their rhythm of 12, cardinal foreshadows our consciousness to gaze onward, as the end of the Mayan calendar approaches us on the Winter Solstice, December 21, 2012.  A myriad of theories postulate why this date is significant to humanity and our home, Classroom Mothership Earth.  One thing is for certain–getting stuck in the mud with fear will not be helpful.  In fact, what we resist will persist.  So, what can we do about it to stay in the flow?  We humans must be prepared for ceremony, prayer, meditation and working proactively with the spirited energies that are visiting us now and will continue to intensify as this date approaches.  None of us know where we are going, not really.  However, staying open to the flow is good medicine and even modern science confirms the power of human beings gathering in ceremony, prayer, meditation and focusing on making positive interpretations about what we see in real-time.  Personally, I am looking forward to hosting another annual fire ritual with my mates from the Clubhouse around the Winter Solstice.

True, so much tyranny exists in our dying old world and that is not fair and balanced.  I once heard a wise psychologist define that fair is that everyone does not get what they want, but they get what they need.  Also, I remember an astute psychiatrist once define pathology as merely deeply ingrained behavioral patterns.  In the spirit of that, systemic change is needed on our planet today and our consciousness must evolve if we are to survive.  There is too much hate that divides us.  Yes, we are diverse expressions of Creator, but we also share in Unity as One.  When Chick-fil-A finances anti-gay groups that try to convert folks in therapy groups from gay to straight and advocate for the criminalization of homosexual behavior, this does not celebrate one human family.  But when the creators of the Muppets flew the coup of their financial backing of Chick-fil-A, that is a step toward Unity Consciousness.  However, when the NRA and our friends in Congress repealed laws that took Federal Assault Weapons off the streets back in 2004, their decision to do that played a role in helping make it more convenient for the terror that took place recently in an Aurora movie theater massacre.  As a citizen in the USA, what a complicated mixed-message it is to send that we could be punished for how we might be  naturally oriented, but we are normally allowed to buy military style weapons to use out on the street.  Alas, my heart-mind particularly remembers learning in my CPR training that 95% of accidents can be prevented.

While the political will would certainly help tip the Critical Mass to come about, every individual has the freedom to choose how he responds to what comes his way.  That being said, it would be a much more gentle world if the choice was to play in a clean park without having to worry about bullying gang activity, stray bullets and/or residual land mines.  What will happen in this year’s presidential selection?  Lyndon LaRouche has called president Obama a modern-day Nero and a fascist.  Putting Obama aside for a moment, the alternative candidate is a businessman who hides his tax returns and hoards money in offshore investments like the Cayman Islands, a Swiss bank and huge deductions for his ballet horse.  When enough of us calm the voice of the ego and instead heed the inner voice, we will hear the answer blowing in the wind.  Meditating on cardinal can help us become whistleblowers in life by adding color to it.  When we allow spirit to flow through our hearts and minds, we organically facilitate taking flight into a positive, peaceful transition into a New Earth.  

Stay True,