A Waxing Full Moon, Awakens The Thrill Of The Hunt

The Autumn Equinox has eclipsed us, and our days are getting darker.

From a spiritual perspective, the veils between the material and
spirit realms are thinning, and intersecting in more obvious ways.

Energetically, it’s a good time to turn yinward, and
be more mindful of darker, less welcome emotions.

And it isn’t getting any easier to live on the planet today,
with the intensifying labor pains.

But there is so much help from the spirit realm, if
only we remember to ask.

Now more than ever, it is the perfect time to ask,
so that you can receive the spiritual guidance you need.

Have you noticed your perceptual experiences heightened in this way?

Our ancestors are speaking to us more loudly and clearly
at this time of year, often through Nature.

Picture a Spider to step into Infinity,
and connect with your Higher Self to script
your New Story in this New Age and Paradigm.

Otherwise, you will just be eating Crow
if you let your ego take over, and miss out
on the magic and mystery of the unfolding “yellow brick road.”

Be like a Cat, and know that you can see in the dark,
and hear the sounds of Spirit guiding your Soul
through Its transformational energy of Bat.

The Samhain is on its way, the approximate mid-point between
the Fall Equinox and Winter Solstice.

Today, we have Halloween, and other cultural celebrations like
All Saints Day, All Souls Day, and the Day of the Dead.

Interestingly, Mercury goes in Retrograde then, which will
magnify Twilight Zone perceptions, and disrupt left brain
systems of thought.

But if you align with Bear, then you will access the dreamtime,
and make the shift into your intuitive faculties –
so long as you allow for faith and trust to become your waking reality.

Not coincidentally, daylight savings time ends on the Sunday after
all those dates.

In the Southern Hemisphere, movement through the
Imbolc/Spring Equinox/Summer Solstice are happening,
and their days are getting longer.

A Full Hunter Moon is on its way gracing us with
Her presence on Sunday, October 13th.

Meditate on the thrill of the hunt, or how we move through this
Full Moon cycle, rather than what we gain or lose from the hunt itself.

Like Lao Tzu would say, “nature is the best physician.”

But it’s always good to get outside, and unplug.

It will be more important to do that with the arrival of the
Astrological Winter Eclipse Season coming in December.

Perhaps if you have been sleepwalking through life in a hypnotic trance,
your eyes will open up to 20/20 vision in the New Chinese Year of the Rat.

Till we tweet again,


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Tuning in to Soulful Echos with Bat

Gazing through a lens of a shamanic death of old self
We look forward to a rebirth with fresh new perceptual eyes

Are you using your talents to the fullest?

Facing our fears – even in our darkest hours
Beneath the deep lies a beacon of light illuminating the shadows of our souls

Are you working your orientation in the positive?

Remember hanging upside down on playground equipment of yesteryear?
A return to childhood innocence
and hidden caverns of unexplored Self are born unto us

Letting go of old habitual patterns of thoughts, feelings and behavior
Is a funeral procession that leads to a surprise birthday parade of novelty

Are you letting your dreams pass you by?

We are responsible for the business of envisioning seven generations ahead because we are the ones we are waiting for

Remember when smallpox was intentionally distributed to our
Native American brothers and sisters?
Oh rats, what about the European black plague?
And today we are hearing about a bloody red scare named Ebola

But facing our fears head on is less scary in long run than
identification with “better the devil you know” programming

Be mindful to give peace a chance amidst fascist undertones
among friends that are typically liberal-minded otherwise
Religion is as religion does

May we remember that at their core,
religions are inspired by Divine expression
Flowering snowball effect rippling through our mass consciousness

Changing leaves are eclipsing us in the Autumn air
Old bedtime stories are falling back
Birthing into novel ways of co-authoring our world

Right now, even a soliloquy is becoming a grand performance
Embodying our dreams and visions opens portals to Universal awakenings

Hearing echos of good vibrations amplifies ring tones of optimistic thoughts

Taking a deep breath of cosmic vastness illuminates

empathic heartfelt connections with our expanding and retracting Nature

Leaving behind a playfully light-hearted
and healthy sense of detachment in our wake

Breathe in fresh air to levy floods of stress and tension

See you further on up the trails,


Am I Being A Bat and/or Am I Just A Man Wearing A Mask?

For the first time in today’s moccasins, I had the honor and the privilege to venture out to Salem, Massachusetts with a bunch of kids and a handful of adults. I can’t imagine a more Spirited time to visit, being as close to Halloween and subsequent holidays that appreciate the ‘thinning of the veils’ honoring Our ancestors that have passed on. It was a bit surreal, visiting Old Salem and seeing how the Pilgrims lived in conservative quarters, mixed with liberal doses of paranoia. I can imagine why it might be enticing to be a Witch and fly away on a broom for a spell, especially back then with little time for fun to be had and skeletons in the closet were swept under the rug. Besides, I love working with stray cats and in the spirit of that, the Universe presented a moment to yours truly, where a Bat mask was calling out my name. I wonder if they have Witches in China, where my new mask was made? “Sacred Bat . . . Fly to me, from the darkness of the cave. Womb-like reflections, answers it gave. Birth, death, rebirth, cycles of the whole . . . never-ending just eclipsed, the journey of the Soul.”

I remember an adventure in the desert some years back (although I wasn’t on a ‘horse with no name’) when I traveled off the beaten path to a mysterious Batcave deep within the Earth. Prior to ‘Batman Begins’, I look back and empathize with Bruce Wayne when I shut off my headlamp and meditated in the damp underground cavern with hundreds of Bats hanging around and flitting about. Admittedly, the Joker in me couldn’t resist teasing my Bat comrades a bit vis-a-vis flashing my headlamp onto some of them just to watch in awe to see them fly . . . “will someone please tell me what kind of town we live in when a man dressed up as a bat, gets all of my press . . . this town (Old World) needs an enema.” Moreover, I have had other significant encounters with Bats and I am inspired by Bat medicine and the power of wearing masks to facilitate the alchemy process in becoming something greater. It is somewhat akin to Buddhism’s Idea of Reincarnation in breaking out Our fast in allowing Our old selves to die, so that We may clear space for rebirth–particularly in the Aztec, Toltec, Tolucan and Mayan traditions. Soaring backward to last Sunday, I put on my new mask and Native feather-necklace after playing morning football with some menfolk from around the way and saged myself to loosen up and lick my wounds. Part of the reason I keep up with my Shamanic-Taoist martial arts training is so that I can keep playing football without hurting myself or anyone else, so I’m learning new ways to play. What’s more, an Eagle in flight soared above to confirm my inner transmutation, as a Blue Jay on the ground gently reminded me of the Kingdom of Heaven within, a la ‘as above, so below’. Some moments thereafter, some Crows used their communicative magic in chasing away Hawk, while a red Squirrel chimed in and a flock of Geese reminded me of ‘High Fidelity’, though I heard the Boss but didn’t see John Cusack. But I’m pretty sure I glimpsed a Shrew before She scurried away, though I’m unsure if Shakespeare helped tame Her Nervous Woodland Creature energy.

Finally, I know the ‘powers that were’ and the properly indoctrinated ‘sheeple’ whom have towed the Coke and Pepsi party line, by pledging unconscious allegiance to the ‘Corporatocracy’, may hardly bat an eye at the Law of Impermanence. But it will not always be like this, as the only constant is change. Besides, Bats eat pests and help fruit a New Earth by spreading the manna, I mean mantra, ‘shit happens’. In my experience, it is more empowering and less work in the long run to face Our fears head on, rather than hide from them through skillful avoidance tactics. This Fall, as I Leave behind my old self, like Han Solo in Star Wars, I assert, “never tell me the odds”. Given that I took probability and statistics three times in College, hung out in the energy field of manipulation and intervention way too long, I now understand that the field of infinite possibilities is way more exciting and fruitful. Moreover, living Life as if it were a hedge fund might seem like a sure bet and a safety net. However, I’d rather fly into the zone of the Unknown (like the Bats that died from human wind power towers) with my trusted inner voice as my navigation device. While Divine Will is beyond the realm of predictability and comprehension, walking in alignment with It is a knowable experience. As I meditate on Bat, I hope it’s in the cards that I don’t get hung up on the man I am, but welcome who I am becoming. What a breath of fresh air in creating everything anew from the Ground Up . . . So long as I use my psychic abilities to read defenses and stay calm in the pocket like Tom Brady–even through I didn’t play at the Big House or grow up in California. Can you dig it?

I Hopi You are well,