Sticking to the Points of Porcupine’s Prophetic Wisdom

We are kissed by a strong Pink Full Moon today –
Oh what a greeting!
Dancing under a bright Spring Eclipse setting

A powerful and transformative catalyst illuminates the scenery . . .
Picture a budding green New World

Have you caught wind of the pungent stink of rebirth in the air?

We humans are mostly water –
So, it stands to reason that, on some level at least,
we are all affected by Full Moon’s
In much the same way as “hospitals, police stations and the ocean’s tides”
Might as well swim with Her currents

Isn’t that just another opportunity for deepening our empathy for one another?

Porcupine medicine stimulates the flow of innocence and joy
Reawakening a sense of wonder energetically
A light-hearted feeling of detachment is rediscovered playfully

Some Native American tribes use Porcupine quills to
stimulate energy to get stuck emotional waters
become flowing streams

Tribal wisdom on this continent is akin
to ancient Taoist wisdom that brought acupuncture needles to these shores

It is as if Porcupine leaves behind an air of nonchalant humor that jests
that even beyond China, that’s just the way the egg rolls

Yes, we live in an intense outer world with serious problems
But there are more powerful than usual spirited energies
that want us to see infinite solutions
facilitate positive changes moving away from our dysfunctional ways

Do you have enough faith to move mountains and trust in a Divine Plan?

Learning to dance in our daily walk
Awakens a sense of blissful adventure

Try not to get pricked by our anxiety-ridden, adult-centric old world
of fear, greed and suffering . . .
Train yourself to let go of
the toxicity of manipulation, dog eat dog and an eye for an eye mentality

Be open to the magical mind of child
There is strength in vulnerability
But keep your inner child well protected

Try not to get swayed by what others think you should or shouldn’t be doing
Explore fun and enjoyable activities that you want to do

Are you feeling charged by the emotional barbs of others?

“Freedom comes when we deal with the pain behind the button,
thus disconnecting our automatic reaction to being pushed”

We are all created intrinsically equal
Nobody is built better or worse than anyone else
We just have different talents
that, with our diverse gifts, we can help build a better world for all of us

Curiosity stimulates our minds and resurrects our souls . . .
Know the power of imagination and fantasy
just waiting to be discovered within the mundane world of everyday life

Even a grumpy old bear is inspired by Porcupine’s way
of enjoying playfully childlike games.

May we allow our identification with intellectualism to fall away
As we spring forth a fiery heart’s intuition

See you further on up the trails,


The Point is . . . Porcupine Medicine Works

Remember when tribal medicine men used porcupine quills to stimulate energy?
To wit: The point is . . . Acupuncture works for righteous chi.

Are UFOs and Extraterrestrials merely akin
to visions of European ships seen by Native American shamans –
On the New World’s oceanic horizon?
Reverse engineered technological advances by our Empire’s Hidden Hand . . .
Perhaps Spring Eclipse seasonal energies are stoking our
Universal brothers and sisters to come out and play for all of us to see.

Clearing our doors of perception.
Might we keep an “open and skeptical mind”, while avoiding extreme positions?

Traumatic experiences are real on some level –
Come clean with denial of past abuses!
Otherwise we consume a receipt for history repeating itself.

Walking with playful, light-hearted and humble footsteps –
Do you feel yourself leaving a minimally processed Carbon Footprint?
Facilitating the process of our transition into an Aquarian Age . . .
Waking us up to a higher dimensional consciousness . . .

We are Earthlings –
Letting go of past securities of old programming . . .
Opening up to new beginnings.
A parallel process to Winter’s yin-ward slumber –
Moving full-throttle into Spring’s emergence of expansionary growth.

Formless Energetic beings are we . . .
Paradoxically traveling in material bodily vessels . . .
Beneath superficial differences we are all the color of water.

How do we do leap forward without faith and trust?
Mantra: Great Spirit has a Divine Plan!

Are we able to return to our innocence by discovering
a child-like sense of adventure and wonder in everyday life?
Watch children at school making authentic heartfelt connections organically . . .
Liking one another naturally.

Chaos is real . . . But seriously folks – why so serious?

Leaving behind our identification of intellectualism –
We awaken our heart’s fire to spark our intuition.

See you further on down the trails,


Leveling the playing field

Here on Mothership Earth, we are in the exciting process of exfoliation by shedding our scales of a dying old world, or Piceas Age and birthing into a New Aquarian Age, or a New Earth.  Like frogs and other amphibians, we need to learn to swim and hop between worlds and realms to effectively live on Earth as spiritual beings having human experiences.  If we are to survive as a species, we must allow the dinosaur aspect of ourselves and our attachments to the old guard to gently pass with care and welcome a fresh, new egalitarian world where we celebrate our Diversity within Unity.  As we elevate our vibration and consciousness, we see from the perspective of eagle in all directions and zone in on the focus that what is good for the goose is good for the gander.  My brothers at the Clubhouse reminded me recently, perhaps telepathically while making frog noises and other amplifications, that Climate Change is happening and winds are blowing in a New Breath of Life–one step, one breath, one moment at a time.

For example, one way we co-create a New Age and Paradigm, is by working in circles, through a round table approach, where all voices are valued and heard.  True, this might seem radical to the ego-centered, hierarchical pyramid we have inherited from our ancestors at this point.  And the shift from punishment and reward, to discipline by way of learning that our actions have consequences by making natural and logical connections that we are all seeking mutual aid and affect one another.  Moreover, our fossils are teaching us that the dinosaurs of yesteryear, with their linear thinking and “ends justifying the means” fascist approaches to profiling us into boxes–are also reminding us to imagine the possibilities to co-create something different.  As we evolve into our luminosity, one way to build our New Earth together is by engaging with one another in circles.  When we perceive the Flower of Life and follow the figure 8 sign of Infinity, we experience circles as a way of life.  Perhaps I am just being a fun-gi, but can you imagine the world leaders sitting around together competing against one another by seeing who can blow the biggest bubble gum bubbles, rather than who can blow up the biggest mushroom cloud?  How many of you parents out there know the low-cost entertainment of chewing gum and blowing bubbles with your kids, as they sit mesmerized by watching you do it?  Perhaps some folks that are militaristic in being against the ingredients of bubble gum might protest, but that simple activity can become a healthy energetic balancing act of cooperation and competition.  Besides, we teach our daughter to throw away her gum when she has finished chewing it, rather than end bound up in the belly of the beast.

When we open up our heart-space to co-creative thinking and to the pillars of Truth and Love, then our invisible energetic exchanges become self-evident to us.  True, the Doubting Thomas energies are still alive and kicking, but we shed light on the shadowy thinking by illuminating previously hidden forces with sciences that are “proving” these sub-atomic phenomena are very real.  As we enter into the era of energy medicine, some folks will learn about the power of visualization and meditation through external equipment that will show them what their energy fields, Chakras, Meridians, Acupuncture points, etc., really look like.  But some of you already know that this inner space exists and cut back to inner peace without any expensive, fancy equipment.  After all, it just might buy you time and save you money.

Stay True,