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Recently, I have reflected on my conversations with folks regarding the provocative question in this week’s “journal entry” . . .

I remember when a name was sacred–when everything was sacred . . . and in the New Earth, everything is still sacred, isn’t it? Doesn’t a name have the potential to carry an energy and a spiritual meaning behind its name? However, in our culture, names have largely become identified with labels–fueling intellectual concepts that categorize, compartmentalized and/or diagnose.  Moreover, a collective nightmare has dreamed up a myriad of conveniently packaged labels that are “bought, sold and processed”, as coveted products that must be consumed to the max. What’s more, we have been well-trained to fleetingly look at things that catch our eye with a cursory glance, followed by an immediate position of judgement as a way to qualify and/or dismiss whatever it is we deem relevant to maintain our status quo worldview.

Fashionably enough, I appreciate the subliminally and commercially driven ego, in it’s seductive perception of itself as in control and identified with labels to prove its existence and perpetuate it’s survival. This is how I’m able to make sense out of the seemingly mind-boggling reality that mainstream America and particularly the educated business class share as the most indoctrinated “sheeple” in our consumer driven culture. Isn’t it obvious that the dark side of social science has been used to manipulate and control the masses is Big Business in the battle and desire to control the public mind? I have heard that Hitler once licked his chops, as he wished to come back to the USA, given our far greater harness on propaganda than Nazi Germany did back in the day . . . A can hear a Boss in Youngstown and other places singing, “Well my daddy come home to Ohio works, When he come home from World War II.  He said ‘Them big boys did what Hitler couldn’t do.’ These mills they built the tanks and bombs that won this country’s wars.  We sent our sons to Korea and Vietnam (etc.) Now we’re wondering what they were dying for.”

And that was Zen my friend and this is right Tao. Did anyone else other than Larry King bat an eye when he interviewed the CEO of FOX News, as he proudly asserted that most of their audience currently really believes they are recipients of “Fair and Balanced” news? Isn’t this similar to Charlie Manson’s techniques that systematically convinced folks he was Jesus and justified killing innocent people in His name for him.  What about the Corporate Media systematically “dumbing down” the masses into believing that what we see on T.V. is reality? I hardly think a Totalitarian State could achieve what the egobots in charge of the well-oiled corporate propaganda machine churns out on Any Given Sunday.  Is this a form of modern-day slavery?

Additionally, I remember being at an animal park a while back, while a Pow Pow was going on. I overheard a man proudly asserting that a particular animal he was noticing was his “totem”. I detected an attachment to the idea that his totem was the animal his was pointing out to his friend, as I observed a tattoo of the same animal on this man’s body. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with labels, totems, tattoos, spirit guides, psychics, etc. And I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with judgements, labels and/or attachments. As human beings, we’re always going to have some attachments, egotistical desires, etc. However, as spiritual beings having human experiences, practicing letting go by gently warding off egotism is part of the healing process of exfoliating our old skins and becoming New Humans. As we co-create this New Earth, We gently allow our old selves to rest in peace, in the same Light as we say fairly well to a dying old world. Isn’t Our journey is a process, more than a destination? Doesn’t it make practical sense to say yes to what is, rather than resist it? I know the voice of the ego loves attachments, labels and judgments and is quite content in maintaining a “Hidden Hand” in its grip on “Manifest Destiny”.  Of course, if I want to continue to get what I say that I don’t want, then I’ll remember to resist What Is to receive more of what I say that I don’t want–forgetting about it in the process and then wonder, “how did this happen again . . . why me?’, etc.

More importantly, I am reminded that ego is really only in charge when we are identified with an idea, an object, a relationship, etc. We might all play different roles and wear different hats, but it’s when we become the role and the hat that we lose root of our True Selves. Yes, We are all One and yet, We are all diverse expressions of One Source, like snowflakes are all unique, but come from the same water source. Have you ever heard the expression, “let go and let GOD”, while the voice of the ego would prefer to edge God out (EGO)?

Finally,  whether an unidentified object is flying around in front of my field of vision or is deeply submerged within me–my experience with the object depends my relationship with the object. Am I moved by the object or do I allow myself to watch the object and gently let it pass without creating chattering egoic stories about what I see? I see this watchful place as somewhat akin to the phone ringing (i-Phone texts, i-Bot holograms, etc.)—just because I hear the phone ringing, doesn’t mean I have to pick it up in that moment. In this Inner Space, I notice the pull to pick up the phone gradually loosens its grip. Why not take three conscious breaths and re-evaluate my position, regardless of how planted it might be? Lettuce hope We don’t lose our Roots and get washed out in the process! When We say Yes to Inner Peace, We say “peace out” to the voice of the ego and “what up, G” to the voice of spirit.  “Do you hear what I hear . . . do you see what I see?”



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Lately, I’ve been meditating on Bee and Robin energy, enjoying lots of direct experiences with my Nature friends. Has anyone out there every observed a Bee and/or Robin just being themselves? I get a buzz and naturally a high flyin’ just thinking about it–without getting stung with a hangover from eating a bloated worms! It’s good medicine to let seep in like herbs on one’s journey in healing. Bees remind us to check our activity level, bee productive and also stop and smell the roses (ah, even if it means sneezing a bit folks). What good is hard work if we don’t enjoy the fruits of our labor? Moreover, Robin also hints at birthing something new in one’s journey, symbolizes creativity and helps us tap into being daring, developing sound communication skills and an ear for musical appreciation. Ever ponder why Joker accused Batman of being too serious and Robin was nicknamed “Boy Wonder”?

Did anyone see the Full Moon recently? Although the Moon was cloaked behind the clouds in my neck of the woods, it was still there lurking behind the shadows, illuminated by the Sun, in much the same way as the Sun has been hiding behind the rain and clouds these days. I look at this form of chiaroscuro as a powerful metaphorical juxtaposition of light and dark and lens to look through the prism of life. In every breath we take, there is both a death and re-birth, in much the same way as our internal and external dying old worlds collide with a budding New Earth. The more we resist the old ways, the more toxic, maladaptive and deeply engrained behavioral patterns repeat themselves. However, the more we focus on saying yes to what is, let go of what was and embrace come what May, then the more in alignment we stick in the shifting gears of Nature. I understand how seductive it is to operate on an unconscious automatic pilot, recognizing the “better the devil you know” gods that many folks still worship. But why not surf with the waves and ride the tides of change, rather than fight the forthcoming changing weather patterns? Besides, I’d rather not feed the internal nukes, angry wolf and/or rabid nervous woodland creature (NWC), if you will. Rather, I’d like to cut back to Inner Peace on a dime, in much the same way as Barry Sanders cut back to the open field during his professional football career. In this process, we all help co-create the critical mass that will come about as we hoist our sails and stay buoyant in the waters of life. Just imagine. . . “I hope someday, you’ll join us . . . and the world will be as One.”

In the spirit of dark clouds and allowing the light to illuminate the shadows, I recently had the honor and privilege of participating in the NAMI walk to raise awareness about mental illness. Although it’s been almost 20 years since my mom died of suicide, I felt her living spirit with me on that walk. Moreover, I felt God’s hand gently guiding me along that walk, connecting with just the right people, hearing and saying just the right words at just the right time. I even witnessed my garage band friend running to catch up to me. Seeing my long-haired band mate was particularly a treat, given both his natural Turtle energy and my being surprised that he was there in the first place! Given his natural talent for drumming and percussion, he’s a good reminder for me to slow down and pay attention to my own internal beats, given one of my totems is the Hare and my propensity to be trigger happy. In my gift of gab and bald head, we make a nice yin and yang, as his presence in my life has been a good reminder to trust telepathic and other non-verbal mediums of communication, rather than relying exclusively on language and intellect. How many folks do you know that speak eloquently and are well versed in social graces, but you get a gut feeling they’re full of it? How many folks have you met that say little or nothing, but they carry a presence that makes you want to yield to their energy in a respectful way–and when they do say something, even a word or a sentence speaks volumes?  Who knows, observing Seagulls in their natural environment might speak volumes about non-verbal forms of communication, as a way to connect with others without talking.

More importantly, one of the folks I met on that walk was a women whom was walking in memory of her friend’s teenaged son whom sadly suicided last year, leaving behind only a note that he was “curious about the other side” and of course a “trail of tears”. Although I can relate to his desire, I wish he had allowed himself the patience to explore the shamanic death without dying experiences. But that can be a difficult place for sensitive folks in this “world of 10,000 things”. However, one simple strategy to experience death without dying is meditating on Groundhog medicine to understand a deeply restful experience and perceive that re-birth that can spring from the wintery slumber. I know my mom felt shame about her dark side. Hence, she tried to hide it, rather than embrace, integrate and weave her darkness into a balanced fabric of her Inner Tapestry. Striking a balance, learning moderation and letting go of attachments is an ongoing process in becoming a New Human. Regarding the curiosity of the inevitable physical death, the ultimate reality is that we will all experience it at some point. While we’re still breathing, why not work toward the goal of consciously living (and enjoying) life and have a joyful exit strategy that is natural and respectful to self and others. As a survivor of a completed suicide, I know deep inside that pain is inevitable, suffering is a choice and taking one’s life not only creates more pain, it foments more suffering, not less. Everyone who knew my mom has struggled with the turmoil she left behind, which was sobering to her for a spell. While working through her provocative avoidance tactic on “the other side”, she was asked to complete her “homework assignment” in helping other Souls work through their confusion. Besides, there are plenty of dead men (and women) walking out there . . . “you got to be a spirit Bullworth . . . don’t be no ghost.”

Additionally, on a more upbeat note, staying alive, walking in meditation and the realm of spirit is merely a fresh step and breath away, if only we allow ourselves to slow down, keep our tongue on the tip of our mouth, remember to breathe, let our breath sink in our gut and just watch our thoughts and emotions like a movie and/or listening to an i-Pod, CD, etc. Perhaps when the i-Bots come down the pike, they’ll be able to thermo-image this for us, but I’d rather learn to perceive my own auric-energy field. Besides, the inside-out perspective buys me time and saves me money. In this way, we become more tuned in to a “Theta” brain state, as measured and labeled by Western Science. This is the same sublime experience the Sages and Avatars on our planet and Jedi’s from the Stars Wars saga intimately understood. And you can “be the change you want to see in the world” by accessing your own Sage within. True, the voices of the God of Opinion, the God of Judgement, Doubting Thomas and the Cynic probably have dismissive attitudes and clever excuses why this is impossible, not worthwhile, irrelevant, not practical, etc. However, if I can do it, anyone can do it and I am living proof it is possible and worthwhile! I came into this “world of 10, 000 things” wound for sound, chock full of high octane impulses, sensory integration issues, a propensity to have my head in the clouds and extreme sensitivity to the myriad distractions around me. I remember when I was on the NAMI walk, I accessed this coping strategy, while walking behind folks moving much slower than my natural pace, as I acutely felt the vibrations of the construction drilling, planes flying overhead and sensing other people’s “Chi”.

Finally, regardless of what’s going on “externally” around me–cutting back to Inner Peace is merely a moment away if I remember to turn inward and watch my “inner space” first and foremost. In this way, a New Earth is built one step, one breath and one moment at a time. If not me, who . . . if not now, when . . . as within, so without . . . as above, so below . . . you dig?



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I remember stories about the Christ walking on water (without skating on thin ice) and myths about Taoist Masters levitating above ground.  Back Zen, wasn’t it a Rat that was the first one to come out of the woodwork and listen to the Buddha preach in a Deer park? And though I may be no Vincent or Beethoven, I’ve kept my ear to the ground and heard the classical melodies of many canaries tweeting “We The People” are “One Nation Under God”.  In fact, I have a bumper sticker on my guitar case that asks, “Who Would Jesus Bomb?”  Isn’t “America the Beautiful” supposed to be a peaceful nation, where folks are “innocent until proven guilty”, rather than a place where the criminally insane run the show and “bombs burst in air”?  Does the Old Guard really want us to “give peace a chance”?  Why is there so much resistance to cutting back to Inner Peace?  What will happen when folks are allowed to freely Bee their True Selves in relationship with community?  Would it taste too much like honey and look less like money?  I get a buzz just meandering about the possibilities . . . 

How is it that “We The People” of this so called “One Nation Under God” justify and applaud the killing of anyone, regardless of how off their “Axis” and “Evil” they are portrayed by the Corporate Media?  In the last episode of the Star Wars saga, I am reminded of Senator Padme’s keen observation of the dying Galactic Republic as she noted, “so this is how liberty dies . . . with thunderous applause”.  As Dark as those Times were, I remember the Emperor’s reign was short lived and his own prized apprentice redeemed himself by seeing through his “Master of War’s” manipulative and controlling abuses of Power.  When was the last time the Military Industrial Complex had to have a bake sale to raise money for a Weapon of Mass Destruction that was used to eradicate a mobster with Weapons of Mass Destruction–that we sold to the gang banger in the first place?  I get a Cold Big Chill just thinking about it. 

Additionally, given my own propensity to have my head in the clouds, I can dig on how challenging it is to stay grounded in this “world of 10,000 things”, in much the same way a rabid Nervous Woodland Creature (NWC) does, Straight Outta Woodland.  And while I typically pass for White Privilege and didn’t grow up in Compton, I was born with an attitude and have experienced a garden variety of Socioeconomic travels in my daily walk, from Neurons to Neighborhoods.

Ah, the democratic process might be messy, in much the same way as the Monster of Fear’s seductive energy is used to sell obedience to authority.  I remember the “sheeple” that I went to school with that conformed more out of fear and faked it in a way that I could not. And while many nice folks unconsciously follow along the Operant Conditioning of the Master Illusionists behind the curtain to “shut up and shop”, We Witness the rising tides of the Peace Movement, Civil Disobedience and also the questioning of Corporate Power and it’s well oiled US Propaganda machine.  Make jobs, not war!

Finally, dreaming a new dream might look like another distraction in this “world of 10,000 things”, given all the chatter and bling, bling.  However, if we are to survive as a species, we really can’t afford to ignore spirit anymore and yet we need to simultaneously stay grounded.  We must learn to “walk the razor’s edge” without getting too swayed into the spiritual realm or the material realm.  One way to do this is to get out in Nature, remember to breathe and imagine a Heavenly umbilical chord feeding directly into the top of your head, flowing down your spinal chord and down through your feet into the Earth.  Then imagine the process the other way around and see how you feel after a silent walking meditation doing this exercise.  But don’t take my word for it, see for yourself, if you want.

Take care,


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Hello world!

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